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Politics of Tuesday, 10 November 2020


U.S Institutions ignored Trump’s ‘barks’, couldn’t have been same in Ghana - Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has commended the various institutions in charge of the U.S elections for being resilient and not threatened by Trump’s orders to halt the counting of the votes.

To him, the story would have been the other way round if it were to be a Ghanaian election; adding that the institutions would have obeyed the sitting president.

“It’s admirable when institutions work in the country. Despite the fact that the election was not going in the way of the president and he was calling for a halt in the counting, the institutions just kept on working the way they should. That’s the kind of strengthening we seek in Ghana that institutions are able to work without political influence. I wonder what would have happened if the same was happening in Ghana,” he stated in an interview with TV3.

Mr. Mahama who believes that there is a high level of political influence over the conduct of elections in the country also called for the strengthening of systems to ensure that institutions remain focused.

“We all need to work so that our institutions like the electoral commission, judiciary, legislature and all the institutions that anchor democracy should be strengthened so that it doesn’t matter what government is in place, they will deliver on their mandates,” he maintained.

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