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General News of Thursday, 23 August 2018


Trending GH: What some Ghanaians think about Mahama's 2020 comeback

Former president John Dramani Mahama on Thursday officially presented his letter to the General Secretary of the party confirming his decision to contest the flagbearer race of the NDC.

“I have taken into consideration the groundswell of support the never-ending calls and encouraging from a large section of our party elders, members of our party, supporters and Ghanaians from diverse backgrounds.

“I have prayed diligently about the tasks ahead and I believe I owe a duty to God and my country to take our great party back into government to the right the wrongs of the past and to put an end to the cries of the people under the current dispensation,” he said.

Following the announcement by the former president several people have come out to state whether they are in support of him running again or not.

Ghanaweb went to the streets of Accra to find out what some Ghanaians make of his intentions.

While some Ghanaians were in support of his coming back others were of the view that he doesn’t deserve to be president and as such he won’t win.

Others were also of the view that former President Mahama should be given the opportunity to redeem himself because we (public) were ungrateful to him.

“Everyone has equal opportunity and I think he has to exhaust all the opportunity. If he doesn’t go, he will be branded a coward and he going is in the right direction, he is entitled to it so he should explore every avenue. If he goes and doesn’t win he know he wasn’t accepted … if he doesn’t go, there will be a lot of heat and some misconceptions about him not going whether his choice or not.”

“I think Mahama did so much for Ghanaians and we were ungrateful in fact we were so I’m happy he is coming back.”

However, some Ghanaians have described former president Mahama as a liar and should keep away from contesting election 2020 as NDC would never be in power again.

“I believe Mahama is worrying himself. If I were him, I would have enjoyed the little I had with my family. Even if God is to create a new world, he wouldn’t gain power because of his poor administration.

The NDC government wouldn’t come to power again because they are a bunch of liars and are the reason Ghana is in this deplorable state.

I’m not sure Mahama will win the 2020 elections. He came unopposed and Ghanaians disliked him. It’s unnecessary for him to come back and be embarrassed. His supporters want to just squander his money.

He shouldn’t stand for the elections but if does, it would rather encourage the NPP to work harder but in all, Mahama wouldn’t win the 2020 elections.”

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