Rawlings doubts Mahama’s 2016 chances - Lecturer | General News 2016-08-16
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General News of Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Rawlings doubts Mahama’s 2016 chances - Lecturer

A political science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Mohammed Abass has stated that former President Jerry John Rawlings failed to openly endorse President Mahama because he is dissatisfied with the Mahama led administration and management of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Some individuals have read meaning into the speech delivered by the founder of the umbrella family last Sunday. Rawlings failed to endorse President Mahama clearly and openly when he took the stand to deliver his speech.

Mohammed Abass speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM said, the former president is not satisfied with the current happenings within the party and doubts if the NDC is going to win the polls.

He explained that because he is the founder of the party, he cannot withdraw, but he ''could have withdrawn his membership if he was an ordinary member,'' he underscored.

''Former President Rawlings cannot withdraw from the NDC because he is the founder...He is still attached to the party, so he has an obligation to guide activities within the party according to what he believes in. When you listen to him carefully, you will realize that this is the implication; that he is attached to the party and cannot withdraw... He has so many issues with the party. Especially with the people who occupies positions and the way the party and government is managed.''

Mohammed Abass said it was also clear that the founder was dissatisfied because the party has deviated from the principles and values on which the party was founded.

He was however quick to add that, the fact that Rawlings failed to endorse Mahama openly cannot be a rejection.

''I don't see this as a rejection. Currently, rejection would not help the party...There is dissatisfaction and so he will not endorse Mahama fully. He will endorse Mahama only if he sees changes and anything in line with the core values and the principles NDC stands for. And so, the right word is, he is dissatisfied as far as Mahama and his administration is concerned.

Rawlings had a lot of things to say but he chose not to say them at the campaign grounds. It would have been bad for the party and that is why he reserved his comments to prevent confusion.''

The core mission of the founder now is to restore the values and principles of the party. ''Mr. Rawlings is not fully sure or assured of the capabilities of President Mahama giving the way he is currently doing things and to be able to lead the party and for that matter, the country.''

According to him, the statement by Rawlings that, “I will reserve what I have to say till after the elections”, is a clear indication that, he has his doubt over victory for the party.