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Politics of Monday, 29 June 2020

Source: GNA

Voting pattern must not influence journalism - Affail Monney

President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Roland Affail Monney President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Roland Affail Monney

Mr Roland Affail Monney, President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has asked media practitioners not to allow political orientations to direct their work.

He said journalists must remain faithful to the principles of the profession, and let their practice be inspired by love for one’s country, and for God.

Mr Monney made the call at meeting of the Volta Regional branch of the GJA in Ho on Sunday.

“Our voting pattern must not determine how we do our work. Duty beckons us to subordinate our views. Love for country and love for God, addiction to the principles of the profession should guide us”, he said.

Mr Monney said media-induced wars threatened the stability of the nation during elections, and appealed to practitioners to keep their views in check, and work to keep tensions down.

“The stakes are incredibly high. There are tensions over the process, the voter’s registration, and we must work to ensure tension did not extend to a certain degree. It must not mutate into a deadly outcome.

“Past elections took us to the brink of destruction of enormous proportions, but God saved us. Ghana is serving a God of perfect faithfulness who is keeping faith with us”, he said.

The President advised against “microscopic evaluation of issues”, and asked journalists to stick to the guidelines on electoral reporting
“Professionals must ensure that in their service, professionalism, objectivity and fairness are in the glow, he said.

"Many will view the Region through your eyes, the opinions through your mouth, and a picture of what is happening through your pens. Please, please, this is the time to show exceptional fidelity to the ethics of the profession.

"Our first obligation is unto the truth, and not employees, landowners, spouses etc. This is the time to stand up and be shown as a professional journalist.

"Never yield to any pressure. Stand tall as far as the practice of your profession is concern. At the end you would be vindicated. It’s time to be vindicated and not to be branded as unprofessional”, he said.

Mr Anthony Bells Kafui Kanyi, Regional Chairman of the GJA cautioned against the politicisation of the profession, saying the respect for journalism must be maintained.

“The Journalist in you must come first before other considerations. We must produce independent stories and be the voice of the voiceless and not political parties,”he said.

Mr Kanyi, said the Association had a “strong” team in the Region, and asked for the support of all in keeping the Region in balance.