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Opinions of Saturday, 6 August 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

Nana Akuffo Addo Is Ghana's Hitler!

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In 1933, a full blown persecution was unleashed upon the Jewish emigrants living in Nazi Germany. There's no telling, when the Jews migrated to Germany! However, what we do know and could also confirm is that by the year 1933, there were more than six million Jews living in Germany as citizens. The Jews migrated to Germany purposely to trade! Mind you, the Jewish people have always been business-oriented. They are entrepreneurs by nature! Unlike most emigrants, Jews prefer working for themselves as opposed to working for somebody else. As opposed to waiting for employment, they create their own wherever they go! Therefore, the notion that the Jews migrated to Germany with nothing to become something is false. It's a propagated myth. Utterly misleading! The truth is; the Jews had their own cash to burn, when they migrated to Germany. Most of them were entrepreneurs and brilliant scholars in their own right!

Anyway, to keep a long story short, it didn't take long before the Jewish emigrants in Germany became powerful. They became a powerful socio-economic force worth reckoning. The more the Jews became powerful in Nazi Germany, the more the Germans became envious of them. Indeed, prosperity never leaves without envy. Of course, envy, when it goes unchecked, develops into hatred! The persecution of the Jews started, when the German citizens became dissatisfied with their own lives. The blame game quickly ensued! The Germans held the view that the Jews were bleeding their country to death. They blamed the Jews for Germany's numerous socio-economic woes. In fact, the Jews were blamed for almost everything. For instance; Germany's crime rate was in parallel with the unemployment rate amongst the Germans. It was high, to say the least! Unfortunately, this social dilemma was propagated as the work of the Jews, albeit untrue. The die was cast! In Nazi Germany, the gruesome mistreatment of the Jews was slowly creeping in. It was on the increase!

The confiscation and destruction of Jewish owned businesses was tolerated and celebrated. The racist Germans chose to look the other way without remorse. They showed no shame nor sympathy! Most Jews, sensing the inevitable, decided to leave Nazi Germany with their accumulated Earthly belongings. Others decided to stay come or shine! To them, Germany was still considered a home. So, they believed that the violence, which was being meted out to them by the Germans, would soon cease. How mistaken they were! It's reported that almost six million Jews lost their lives during what has now come to be known as the Jewish holocaust. A tragic occurrence in human history, which would be spoken of in millenniums to come. Perhaps, for time indefinite. Who knows? 21st century Ghana, with her various ethnic groups, has come a long way. There was a time, when tribe supremacy was championed. The various ethnic groups didn't see themselves as one. As a result, tribal wars were an everyday occurrence. These wars did more harm than good! Lives were lost to violence because we couldn't see eye to eye.

Indeed, those were the days. The primitive days of our yesterday! We've matured to a level of understanding since then. We have become more civilized! At least, some of us have. So, it's very disheartening, when Nana Akuffo Addo, a presidential aspirant, encourages tribalism in this time and age. To me, his all-die-be-die statement should've been condemned by all and sundry. It shouldn't have been tolerated! In 1933, the world saw what could happen, when racism and race supremacy come to call. Death surely follows! In that respect, modern Ghana cannot afford to have Nana Akuffo Addo, an Akan supremacist, as her next president. Oh, hell no! Not only is he divisive and archaic, he is a walking disaster. A Hitler in disguise! Who knows what he would do to our non-Akan brothers and sisters if elected our president? Perhaps, he would deprive them of jobs. Perhaps, he would push them down the socio-economic ladder. You would never know. He is that insane! I would suggest Nana Akuffo Addo checks his DNA if he wants to know who he really is. He would be surprised!

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Source: The Emperor

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