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General News of Sunday, 28 June 2020


NPP, NDC insincerity responsible for non-credible voters register – Dr Opuni Frimpong

CEO of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong play videoCEO of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong

CEO of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, has outlined that the long-standing challenges Ghana has had with its voters register in terms of credibility, is as a result of the insincerity on the part of the two major political parties, the NPP and NDC.

According to Dr Opuni Frimpong, the qualifications for a Ghanaian voter as defined by the constitution is clear and under normal circumstance should not have resulted in any issue.

“Per the laws of our land, who qualifies to vote is very clear in terms of nationality, in terms of age, in terms of residence and settlement. If we are to abide by what the laws of the land stipulate for us, we shouldn’t have had troubles at all,” he said.

He adds that the underlining issues of multiple registrations, infiltration of minors as well as the registration of foreigners, which has over the years resulted in the credibility of the nation's voters roll being questioned are all through the machinations of political actors in the country.

“There is what we call multiple registration….and it’s not because someone wakes up and says that I am going to do multiple registration. It’s been done by the various political parties and members of parliament. They bus people and urge them to do multiple and double registration,” he indicated.

Highlighting the issue of minors registering for voter cards, Rev Frimpong accused the two main political parties of being the perpetrators behind the issues that brings the credibility of the voters roll into question.

“Another issue that we have with the register is the issue of minors…it’s not something like innocent children wakes up one day and say, I am underage but I am going to register. Again, it’s done by politicians.

In this country, in this instance it’s the two major political parties, NDC and NPP who have been creating these problems for us,” he posited.

Speaking on the upcoming voters register exercise, Dr Opuni called on political leaders to exhibit sincerity and avoid all forms of manipulations.

“Our political parties, members of parliament and every Ghana should help so that we do not fail ourselves as we go into election 2020. We need a credible voter register, its human beings that can produce it and we can get. As long as we have decided to manipulate the system there is no way we will have credible voters register. The credibility of leadership, truthfulness is what we need. I call on every Ghanaian to be part of the process, let us go and register but let us be sincere,” he added.