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General News of Sunday, 29 July 2018


Maurice Ampaw calls those who dashed cash to ‘Midlands assault’ woman ‘hypocrites’

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has described kind-hearted Ghanaians who offered financial assistance of various sums of monies to the nursing mother who was molested by a Policeman at the Shiashi branch of Midlands Savings and Loans as hypocrites.

According to him, such people are doing so in order to seek attention and not because they really intend to help rescue the woman from her financial quagmire.

Lawyer Ampaw explained that the court of public opinion has delivered a verdict that ‘angelises’ the victim and demonizes the perceived aggressor, the policeman

It is absolutely wrong” he said in a discussion on a local television station and monitored by

According to him, the outpouring of sympathy and hefty donations that keeps going to the nursing mother is wrong and has the potential to create uneasiness in the relationship between personnel of the security forces and the civilian population.

He pointed out that instead of playing to the court of public opinion and viewing the issue just on the face value, it is important to interrogate the circumstances that the led the altercation between the police officer and the nursing mother.

“This issue must just not be taken on the face value. There are real questions we need to ask. For example what was the woman still doing in the bank when the bank had closed? what did she tell the police man that provoked the assault? These are questions people should be interested in and not bastardize the officer and the police Service” he argued.

In his opinion, the nursing mother by her conduct disrespected the police uniform and should also be dealt with.

“By merely fighting back and struggling with the police man, she has disrespected the police uniform. The uniform is vested with state power and she had no right to do what she did. It is like slapping back your father after he has slapped you.”

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