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General News of Thursday, 10 December 2015

Source: Eyram Ablordeppey

Mahama's record attractive to win second term - Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah

Deputy Ambassador to China and a Political Strategist, Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah, has stated that the gains made under President Mahama's government is overwhelming enough to win him and the NDC another term in office come November 2016. He said the President's policies that are changing lives and transforming the country is evident enough.

He argued that the President is pursuing spicy policies that is making the country stand out in the sub-region of West Africa; claiming that " the needed infrastructural developments and strengthening of institutions seen elsewhere in more developed countries are exactly what the President has embarked on in Ghana."

In an interview with Radio Gold, the soft-spoken Politician and Diplomat noted that, "massive investments in roads, water, community day schools, ICT, agriculture, hospitals, energy and power can only add to the future security of Ghanaians."

In appreciating the gains of Presidents Rawlings, Kufuor and Mills, he claimed that "it will not be out of place to note that President Mahama's government has achieved more in three years than any contemporary Ghanaian administration, making it the envy of all."

Internationally, Mr. Ankrah is of the view that the Ghanaian President has grown in stature and respected across the world and "his demeanor, content and delivery at world conferences and summits are worth writing home about and his two-year Chairmanship of Ecowas saw the region experience a host of electoral tranquility and series of interventions, which was and still is a plus to the region."

" I am referring to an African President who once was bold on a world stage to call on the USA to look at Cuba in a different light, and you and I are witnesses to what has happened."

When hard pressed with the power crisis facing the country, Mr. Ankrah stressed that " no people appreciate such a national challenge but will appreciate the one who fixes a national challenge of this magnitude" adding that " the good people of Ghana have stayed the course with the President and President Mahama have also stayed the course by soaking the punches, but he is rewarding the people with the enormous efforts to fix the challenge and present the nation with the power security it deserves in the twenty-first century;" claiming both sides need to be applauded.

Finally, when asked to describe the President in one word that makes him the one Ghanaians have to vote for in 2016, Mr. Ankrah replied that " the President is authentic and in politics when one is said to be authentic that is really huge," he concluded.