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General News of Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Trump leading with 247 and Hillary 215

6:51 Clinton stays in hotel

The reporter assigned to cover Clinton for all the networks has tweeted that she is staying behind in her hotel, as her campaign manager heads to the Javits Center where her supporters have gathered.

5:49 Depression strikes Clinton HQ

It seems like only yesterday that Clinton supporters were talking about a "landslide victory", but tonight's close result has proven them wrong. The BBC's Chris Gibson has been speaking to Clinton supporters at her rally in New York, including one supporter who thought tonight's news might make her "throw up".

5:44 Obama - "The sun will rise in the morning"

In a prepared video statement, President Obama praises democracy no matter which candidate wins tonight. He took to Twitter to advise voters to "see each other not simply as Democrats or Republicans but as fellow Americans".

5:37 Cheers at Trump party in Pennsylvania

The BBC's Jessica Lussenhop is attending an election night party hosted by Trump supporters in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She reports that the DJ there has been playing "Happy" by Pharrell, a musician that has campaigned alongside Hillary Clinton in recent days.

5:32: Japan 'considers currency intervention'

Japan's top currency diplomat, Masatsugu Asakawa, is consulting finance minister Taro Aso on how to respond to the roiling markets, reports Reuters. The Nikkei index is now down by more than 6%.

5:32: Inside Trump HQ

Donald Trump has departed Trump tower en route to the Hilton hotel where he is holding his so-called victory rally tonight.

Jeff DeWit, the Arizona state treasurer, has attending the watch party and has tweeted some behind-the-scenes images.

5:28 Nevada goes to Clinton

ABC News projects Clinton to win Nevada.

Historically Republican, recent demographic changes have seen Nevada shift into battleground status - largely due to the influx of Latino residents. It has voted for the overall winner of the last nine elections.

5:16 Australia's far-right party congratulates Trump

The leader of Australia's far-right nationalist One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, has congratulated Trump calling him "Mr President".

5:11: Great night for America' - Trump adviser

"It's a wonderful night. It's a great night for America - it's a great night for people around the world," Curtis Ellis, a senior policy adviser to the Trump campaign, tells the BBC World Service.

5:06: Claims of rigging seem a distant memory

Donald Trump spent much of the end of his campaign claiming the election would be rigged - but at the moment, the New York Times is predicting he has a better chance of winning than his rival. It also suggests the Republican could win enough electoral college votes to become president but lose the popular vote.

5:04 Trending emojis tell the story of upset Clinton supporters

Emojipedia, the "emoji search engine", is tracking all the emojis that have been trending tonight. The pistol emoji has just started trending in the past 30 minutes.

The Canadian flag has been trending as well as a variety of facial expressions, which have been growing increasingly dire in recent minutes.

5:02 Could third-party voters have swung Florida for Clinton?

According to the latest reports, Trump won the state of Florida by about 130,000 votes. At the same time, votes for third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein topped 260,000.

It’s impossible to say how those voters might have cast their ballot were Johnson and Stein not in the race, but some “protest voters” might be questioning their choices now – just as thousands of Brexit voters did.

4:56 Clinton 'the devil you know', Trump 'the great unknown'

The BBC's Asia Business Correspondent Karishma Vaswani says:

"A Clinton victory is seen as broadly positive for Asia because, as one trader told me, it’s very much the case of 'the devil that you know'. As secretary of state she has travelled out here before. Meanwhile Trump is the great unknown, prompting great uncertainty with moves such as calling for a tariff on Chinese imports. That has concerned Asian investors."

4:53 America reacts to Florida Trump projection

4:51 Georgia goes to Trump - ABC projects

Georgia has voted Republican since 1996, but the party has seen its margin of victory eroded in recent elections so Trump will be happy with this win.

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