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Opinions of Friday, 11 November 2016

Columnist: Mensah, Ekow

Igniting dreams – The Trump way!

I have been meaning not to comment on the US Elections and Donald Trump's Victory but I honestly think that though it didn't go in favour of lots of people for obvious reasons, there are still some very significant lessons to be drawn from it.

First of all, I deeply admire the resoluteness, determination and resilience of Donald Trump. 3 unique traits that have certainly made him the 45th President of the United States of America. 3 very important traits that every entrepreneur needs in their quest to make it in business. Trump knew what he wanted, he knew how to get it and he certainly got it regardless of stiff opposition.

By far, Trump faced the most ridicule and unbelief any candidate has ever experienced I think. We are all probably shocked at his victory because we most likely did not think he had any chance at becoming a president of any country, thoughtless USA.

A critical lesson here is that, when you begin the pursuit of a dream that seems impossible to many, especially when you don't seem to have what it takes, speak the language that is most accepted or tow the path most traveled, most people will not give you a fighting chance. You will face tremendous opposition, insults and discouragement. Giving up will often seem the most logical thing to do but remember that the sweetest revenge is always victory.

Success does not come easily and to proof people wrong takes a lot of guts, thick skin and perseverance. Indeed, while many may be publicly condemning and discouraging you, a significant majority may be rooting for you in silence as in the case of His Excellency President Donald Trump.

I do not in anyway support some of the utterances and stance of Donald Trump during his campaign but I very much admire his exhibition of some of the most significant traits that makes one successful in business, family and ultimately in life; Resoluteness of vision and purpose, unwavering determination, freedom of speech, lack of fear of public ridicule, boldness, hard and smart work, strategic planning, flawless implementation, people management and exhibition of maturity after victory (knowing when to stop fighting).

The list of traits and strategies deployed by Donald Trump publicly and secretly have today made him the 45th President of America. Like it or not, there are lessons to be learnt and it is my hope that you will learn these lessons and also be successful in your fight for victory in the pursuit of your dreams or purpose in life.

Congratulations to President Donald Trump and all the best to you.
Ekow Mensah
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