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General News of Monday, 18 June 2018


I have no fear for God – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings play videoFormer President Jerry John Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has said his relationship with God is not based on fear like many Christians, but on love.

According to him, with a firm perception that fear degenerates into hatred, it is important for him to exhibits what he describes as better values towards the Supreme Being instead of fear and resentment.

Relating his relationship with God to that of a father and child, the ex- president argued that it was more important for children to love, which will lead to respect for their parents than to fear their parents and sabotage the bond between them.

Speaking to relationship and marriage expert, Counselor Lutterodt on TV Africa on the theme “Making fathers out of men”, Mr. Rawlings admonished fathers to develop a relax and free environment with their spouses and children instead of ruling their homes like tyrants.

“I have a funny imagine when it comes to fear because I believe it generates into hate which brings about insecurity. I don’t like that. I prefer love, I prefer patriotism, and I prefer to deal with respect. These are better values. That is why many years ago when I was asked to give a presentation at a church I got up and said I have no fear for God and the whole church was quiet.

But in my next sentence I said it was because I love God. In order to bring it down to their level I had to ask the men among them a question. Whether they will prefer to be in a house here their spouses fear them, or a place where they are loved and respected by their spouse and children.”

Giving an example to back his claim on why respect was more important than fear, Mr. Rawlings said he always admire the way his first daughter Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings is able to rebuke her children with the right amount of love. Describing her as one of the finest mothers he has come across, the former president said, his daughter had a way of restoring order among her children that should be emulated by all.

“One of the finest mother I have come across is Zanetor, I noticed it in Iceland when I met her children and in her conversations with them. When some of them misbehave, the manner in which she reproaches them is amazing. In our time, the child would have been lashed by the parent. There is a way to bring up children without necessarily installing fear in them.”

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