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General News of Saturday, 23 January 2016

Source: Adom & Antwi

Ghana cedis is not acceptable in China.

Our attention has been drawn to a very serious issue going on in Ghana and Social Media. We’ve been reliably informed that, Mr. Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah, deputy ambassador to China has issued a communiqué on Tuesday January.19th, 2016 stated that, Chinese in Guangzhou now accept cedis.

After a detailed study and deep reflection on the communiqué, we wish to take this opportunity to call all Ghanaian traders to totally reject all of the claims made by the deputy ambassador.

We want to state clearly that, Restaurants in Guangzhou DO NOT and we repeat that the restaurants in Guangzhou do not operate trading with the Ghanaian cedi.
There is but ONLY one restaurant called African Pot which accepts the currency. They also accept the currency on one condition that “Jessica is Present”.
Jessica who according to our investigation is a business woman who travels frequently to Ghana is also the owner of the restaurant.

Jessica and her Lebanese husband have stayed in UK for long and hold British passport even in her own native country.
After communicating with the owner of African Pot restaurant about this monetary issue concerning the acceptance of the Ghana cedi, she confirmed that, they accept the currency if and only if the owner Jessica is at work.
Traders coming to China for business related issues should not take this issue as an advantage to spend or use the Ghanaian cedis because it is not acceptable anywhere in Guangzhou or any city in China EXCEPT African Pot Restaurant, when ‘Jessica is Present’.
We want to further advice that, our honorable ambassador should concentrate on things that are of interest to the nation instead of trivialities.
Attending “APONKYE” parties, birthday celebrations and other non-state related gatherings will always leads to some of these propagandas.
We also wish to remind our honorable ambassador that over 30% of Ghanaian students on government scholarship have been sacked and some even deported back to the country.

It is also worth mentioning that, Ghana is fast losing her visa free status to other countries where we used to go there free of visas or visa at the entrance, which we can cite, Hong Kong as the current to join those countries.

We also wish to bring to the notice of the honorable ambassador that, Ghanaians with working visas are even being denied of their visa status because of the current state of our economy and constant lies from our leaders. We hold it with much grieve that, this statement is on so many social platforms like WeChat and Weibo.
The Chinese authorities are yet to comment about it but we should not lose the fact that, they might as well see it.

We wish to plead on our honorable deputy ambassador that, some of us have been in China over decades, some are married and have kids, some are making our livelihood from here, and it will therefore be suicidal if anything negative crops up as a result of false information.

We therefore humbly entreat our brothers and sisters from Ghana who come and buy things from China to ignore that communiqué as it contain nothing but just propaganda.


Mr. Kwabena Adom.

Nana Antwi II
(Student-Qing Dao-China)