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Politics of Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Source: Kasapa fm

Do not re-appoint Ransford Nyarkoh nor any executive for DCE job – Group to Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

A group of New Patriotic Party supporters and concerned indigenes of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency have cautioned President Akufo-Addo and the Central Regional Vetting Committee members not to dare re-appoint the current District Chief Executive for the area Ajumako, Emmanuel Ransford Kwesi Nyarkoh.

The group has also kicked against the consideration of any constituency executive interested in becoming the next DCE for the area.

According to the group, both the outgoing DCE and the constituency executives contributed to the party’s defeat in both the 2016 and 2020 general elections.

The leader of the group, Agyeman Kwesi Kankam addressing a press conference on Monday, stated that they are witnesses to the glaring display of massive divisions, antagonism and very demeaning utterances made against the party and the 2020 Parliamentary Candidate by Constituency executives two of who are vying for the DCE position thus Mr. Noah Osei-Assenso (Constituency Secretary) and Stephen Kojo Bennett (1st Vice-Chairman) for which reason they should not be considered for the topmost post.

Below is the full statement


Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media Fraternity. We are very much enthused and motivated by your swift response to our call though it was upon very short notice.

The crust of our call this morning is to vent out our overarching concerns relative to the happenings within the NPP in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency which have deprived the party of the Parliamentary seat since 2008.

Our particular focus is on the deliberate sabotage by the entire Executive body of the party in the constituency in the 2020 general elections, hence the party’s dismal performance in both Parliamentary and Presidential slots.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the inky fraternity, let me hasten to state that, we have organized this presser to call on the Regional Vetting Committee for the MMDCs, the local government minister and the President not to make any attempt to consider any constituency executive of the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency for the MMDCE position due their blatant sabotage and orchestrations against the party in the recent District Assembly election, new voter registration exercise and the 2020 general election.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we the entire members of the NPP in the Constituency are living witnesses to the glaring display of massive divisions, antagonism, real sold out, and very demeaning utterances made against the party and the 2020 Parliamentary Candidate by constituency executives, we shall give vivid account of each of them in due time, but for the purposes of MMDCE appointment we are pleased to give account of Mr. Noah Osei-Assenso (constituency secretary) and Mr. Stephen Kojo Bennet ( 1st vice-chairman), both now seeking to be nominated for the MMDCE position.

Ladies and Gentlemen from the media, it is an incontrovertible fact that most of the Constituency Executive had their preferred candidates for the Parliamentary primaries in the constituency and once their preferred candidates failed to secure the mandate, they resorted to feign wellness only to work all out against the party.

Gallant Ladies and Gentlemen of the fourth estate of government, it is gratifying to re-echo our stands that we the entire members of the NPP in Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency vehemently oppose the candidature of any constituency executive of our district for consideration as District Chief Executive (DCE) because they all never supported the party’s campaign in fidelity but only sold the party out in the 2020 general elections.

My esteemed friends from the media, permit me to move from the generals to specifics. Our resolve against Mr. Noah Osei-Assenso, the constituency secretary’s candidature stems from the ensuing facts: First, Mr. Noah Osei-Assenso has very terrible relation with the chiefs of his own hometown, Ajumako Kromaim, as well as the youth.

This culminated in his woeful lost of the District Assembly election which he sought to represent his people and the subsequent record dismal performance of the NPP in Kromaim in 2020 election a traditional NPP stronghold.

Second, Mr. Osei-Assenso, treats party members and polling station executives with an unparalleled contempt and lacks regard for same. This reprehensible conduct of his is known across the length and breadth of the district, thus sewing despair, hopelessness and reluctance amongst the party faithful.

Again, Mr. Osei-Assenso is on record to have vowed never to support the party’s campaign in the constituency in the 2020 elections since his preferred candidate failed to earn the delegates favour to become the parliamentary candidate.

“The parliamentary primaries are over but over my dead body would Rashid win the 2020 elections”, Mr. Osei-Assenso had maintained. This confirms our stands that he only feigned friendship and smooth relationship with 2020 parliamentary candidate only to “stab him in the back”.

Last, Mr. Osei-Assenso and some other constituency executives together with the District Chief Executive, Hon. Rev. Emmanuel Ransford Kwesi Nyarko organised a party at the DCE’s residence and invited some NPP faithful whom they succeeded to pollute to vote against the NPP and the 2020 parliamentary candidate in celebration of the party’s loss in the constituency in the 2020 elections.

There are evidential testimonies from some of their invitees in this regard. These amongst other facts are the grounds upon which our strong aversion for Mr. Osei-Assenso’s candidature is premised.

My noble friends from the media, now our resolve against Mr. Stephen Kojo Bennet, 1st vice chairman’s candidature for the District Executive position is not far-fetched.

First, Mr. Bennet was the prime custodian of most of the logistics the NDC deployed to the constituency.

His house was the warehouse for the NDC’s logistics such as bicycles, motor bikes, sewing machines and almost all the “goodies” the NDC deployed in the constituency in the 2020 election.

There are widespread evidence in this regard. Some of this logistics were subsequently transported to the Ekumfi Constituency, Mfantsemsn Constituency and Asikuma Odoben Brakwa Constituency to cushion the NDC candidates.

Ladies and Gentlemen, how on earth would a true party executive be the custodian of his arch political rival’s logistics in a contest? It really beats our imaginations.

Second, the constituency 1st vice chairman, Mr. Bennet is on record to have had several clandestine meetings with the NDC leadership and divulged a lot of the constituency strategies to them. Some of the meetings were held in his house in Bisease and some in Ekumfi.

Third, Mr. Bennet worked against NPP’s candidates for District Assembly elections in Ajumako Bisease in the recent past District Assembly elections. He collected money from Hon. Ato Forson (NDC MP) and gave to people to vote against the NPP candidates. It was not surprising that the NPP could loss all but for one electoral area in Bisease.

Fourth, Mr. Bennet wife and immediate family, in the glaring eyes of the NPP faithful in Bisease, jubilated with NDC victors or winner in the District Assembly elections, cast aspersions, innuendos and vituperative insults at the NPP canvassers after the elections were over and the NDC contestants had emerge victorious.

Besides, Mr. Bennet, like M. Osei-Assenso was part and parcel of those constituency executives who organised a party at DCE’s residence and invited some NPP members they succeeded to convinced to vote against the NPP and the NPP Parliamentary candidate in the celebration of “mission accomplished”.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, we the concerned members of NPP in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency have no words to better describe our constituency executives than moles, turncoats and slanderers whose stock in trade is to “sell out the party” for selfish interests and aggrandizement.

My esteemed press men and women, we also wish to state in unequivocal terms that we neither need the reappointment of Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko, current DCE, Ajumako Enyan Essiam. His re-appointment will not only put the party in irreparable abyss but an eruptic uproar and dismay in the entire district.

First, Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko was overly complicit in the NPP’s defeat in the 2020 elections from the onset through to the end. He was the grandmaster leaking every single security details and campaign plans to his driver Mr. kojo Dum a.k.a Ben who subsequently forward same to the NDC’s MP Ato Forson and his boys.

Second, Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko personally share money on the election day for people to vote against the NPP Parliamentary Candidate. Also, the DCE’s personal Aid and spokesperson popularly called Agya Adam was openly caught doing the NDC’s bidding during the 2020 new voter registration exercise.

Moreover, Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko engaged in a needless assault of police officer at post at Ajumako Ochiso only to court disaffection for the party in Ochiso, an NPP-dominated community.

He replicated same reprehensible conduct in Breman Ekupong, an ardent NPP community since 1992, when the son of NPP woman organiser had sought to seek clarity on an electricity government intended to extendto the community. The NPP lost for the first time in Ekupong since 1992, owing to Hon. DCE’s unwelcome display of indignation and “absolute power”.

These amongst other reprehensible dispositions of Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko, DCE Ajumako Enyan Essiam, have soiled the image of the NPP government and the party in the District so much such that a new DCE who is a team builder, with very strong personal relation skills, a grassroot person, a selfless and very competent person is required to salvage the District. It is against these backgrounds that we resolved that:

First, that the persons to be shortlisted for onward submission to the president be true and ardent party members who actively, diligently and evidently participated in the 2020 general elections in the constituency and previous elections preceding it and have the recognition of the general NPP members as well as majority of the general populace of the District.

Second, that a fair representation of the three traditional authorities, thus the Ajumakos, the Enyans and Essiams who constitute the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Constituency be reflected in the shortlisting to save the party and government from any past as well as potential bitterness, uproar and disaffection of the indigence.

The seeming shortfalls of similar appointments during the 8 years under President Kuffour and first 4 years of President Nana Addo continue to impact negatively on the party in the constituency, hence the party’s downwards trend in performance since 2008.

Final, that the constituency executives were the root source of the party’s defeat and that no executive of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency should be considered for the DCE to further compound the fate of the party which is already in abyss in the Constituency. And that the current DCE, Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko is an albatross and a pain in the party’s neck, who had only succeeded in sending the party into abyss.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we have no doubts in our minds that the Regional Vetting Committee, the Local Government Minster as well as the President would heed our call and act in favour of the party and the general populace of the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District.

However, any attempt to impose ant constituency executive or Hon. Ransford Kwesi Nyarko as the District Chief Executive will incur the fiercest wrath and unmitigated protest from the general populace of the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District.

Thank you for honouring our invitation.
Long live Ghana, Long live NPP, Long live Ajumako Enyan Essiam!!!
May the Lord bless us all!