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Diasporia News of Monday, 27 April 2020


Coronavirus: More Ghanaians, Africans 'thrown out', suffer discrimination in China despite fightbacks

Some Africans including Ghanaians are affected by the development Some Africans including Ghanaians are affected by the development

It appears nationals of some African countries continue to suffer discrimination and evictions from hotels, shops and restaurants despite massive protests from African leaders and people.

Racist discrimination against some Ghanaians, Nigerians and other Africans in Guangzhou earlier this month caused outrage and warranted action from authorities.

A report by the Guardian on the 27th of April 2020 indicates that Africans in the city are still suffering from these racist acts based on accusations that they may be the most carriers of COVID-19.

Ghanaian computer science student (name withheld), who spoke to the international website said police officers came for him and transferred him from a hotel he was lodging into another, to be mandatorily quarantined and he was tested more than five times.

The 25-year-old said he was denied entry at “about 15 hotels” and ended up sleeping on the streets.

“I have been denied entry into public places, denied into restaurants. All the tests they did have been negative.” He further said.

Others including Nigerian businessman Frank Nnabugwu said they suffered same.

Nnabugwu said he was prevented from returning to his rented apartment last week after being released from a two-week quarantine until police eventually found a willing hotel to take him in.

“The security guards said to us: ‘No foreigners are allowed’. I was upset, very upset. I slept on the street… We use the receptionist to order food,” Nnabugwu said.

“If they [food delivery companies] know it is a foreigner ordering food they will not come. You cannot buy anything in a shop; if you go in, they will cover their face and chase you out.” the 30-year-old said.

For Kidus Muluget, an Ethiopian who had moved to China four years ago to study mechanical engineering, the atmosphere in the city had changed massively.

“It was so fast,” he said. “I went into quarantine … We were treated fine. Then we came out. Everything was different, uncomfortable. Like Chinese people changed their minds.”

Social media went crazy early this month after reports emerged about racial discrimination against some Africans in China. Leaders of these countries including Ghana reacted to the development. In Ghana, for instance, the foreign Ministry openly condemned the actions, calling for a reversion.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana; H.E. Shi Ting Wang was also summoned to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials indicated following previous reports, that efforts were being made to deal with the situation.

The Chinese embassy in Nairobi told Kenya’s foreign ministry that authorities in Guangzhou “have been tasked to take immediate action to safeguard the legitimate rights of the Africans concerned”.

Beijing has, however, tried to suggest that reports of Africans targeted in Guangzhou are a plot to smear the country.