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Health News of Friday, 17 April 2020


Coronavirus: Fucah Technologies launches app to help reduce virus spread

The Corona Tracer comes with features optimised to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Ghana The Corona Tracer comes with features optimised to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Ghana

Fucah Technologies Ltd has rolled out their version of the COVID-19 Tracker dubbed the Corona Tracer. It is a mobile application optimised to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Ghana.

As part of the app's features, users will receive an alert if they have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient, so they can self-isolate to prevent further spread of the virus.

Users also get to perform a risk-test and receive recommendations based on their inputs of symptoms and other relevant data. The App has also been programmed to map the entire country into different zones for the purposes of showing vulnerable areas with high contamination risk.

Other features on the app allows users to receive updates on credible statistics on the coronavirus across the globe. The developers also add that the app can be used in post-coronavirus era to trace other contagious diseases.

On how their app works the developers tell GhanaWeb that the app begins to log the GPS location of users after every 5 minutes onto their own devices. If a user of the app tests positive, he/she is required to update their status in the app settings so that others who have had contact with them will be notified, so as to self-quarantine.

They added that, Bluetooth is also used for the same purposes, for users who may not feel comfortable giving the app their location permission.

The software uses an Encrypted, anonymised GPS history of affected patients to cross-reference with other users to find out those who have come into contact with them. The app then sends an alert to anyone who is found to have had contact with the patient, showing the exact time and location the contact took place. Such a person will be recommended to self-quarantine.

According to the developers of Corona Tracer, the app was developed under strict protocols with the team’s security experts having ensured that the app is robust and highly secured.

According to them, the GPS histories used for cross-referencing with other devices are formatted in encrypted and anonymised way which gives no room for third party access to the GPS history of any user. Also the identities of users who have tested positive remains anonymous to other users.

Addressing why the team has chosen to go ahead with making its app available for use despite government launching a similar one a couple of days ago, a leading member of the team, Mr Samuel Daniels told GhanaWeb that this is not to compete with the government’s app but to add.

Mr Samuel Daniels also mentioned that the team as far back as a month ago, approached a high ranking member of government to help push this to the public but did not hear back from him.

According to the team which was formed to come up with technological innovations to help the COVID-19 fight, they are ready to work with government; as their app has additional features which can boost the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic using technology.

With the application yet to acquire certification for download on Google and Apple stores, persons who are interested in using the Corona Tracer can visit or to download the app.

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