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Politics of Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Central Regional Minister calls for Bernard Mornah's arrest over 'war comments'

Bernard Mornah Bernard Mornah

Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan is calling for the arrest of the leader of the Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voter Register [IPRAN], Bernard Mornah, with immediate effect.

The IPRAN, addressing a section of the media on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, stated emphatically that the Electoral Commission (EC) is employing crude Machiavellian tactics to compile a new voters' register ahead of the December polls.

The group noted that they had spotted a publication about the EC filing an amendment of C.I 91 to exclude the Voter ID card as part of the primary identification documents required by an eligible voter in the registration exercise.

“It is disappointing and disheartening to note that that was the first time political parties in the Resistance had heard about this blatant attempt at political bigotry by the EC to exclude close to about 10 million eligible voters from registering to vote in this year’s general elections.

“It is also important to emphasise that the EC surreptitiously employed a crude Machiavellian tactic in this mischievous agenda by circumventing long-standing laid-down procedures of allowing IPAC to discuss such an important matter such as amending an electoral law," the group stated.

The group also claimed that these are part of the Commission's ploy to disenfranchise 10 million electorates.

"It is the considered view of the Resistance that restricting the voter registration identification requirements to only Ghana Card, Passport and the vouching process, has the potential of robbing over 10 million Ghanaians of their inalienable rights to vote."

But according to Kwamena Duncan, the IPRAN statements are ridiculous but their leader, Bernard Mornah, needs to be apprehended because he has made some seditious utterances about the EC following the IPRAN's comments.

The Regional Minister, contributing to a panel discussion on Wednesday's 'Kokrokoo' on Peace FM, disclosed that Mr. Mornah was heard on television charging people to act violently should the Electoral Commission proceed with the registration exercise.

Mr. Duncan told host Kwami Sefa Kayi that Mr. Mornah's recent comments are an incentive for war in the country.

" . . A consitutional body with a clear mandate subject to the law and you have a Ghanaian speak to the entire country that if they go ahead, we will disrupt and we will kill one another . . . One Ghanaian tells all of us that let the constitutionally mandated body charged with the duty to compile a register to enable us exercise our franchise to select or elect those who will wish to govern our country; let somebody go ahead, they will disrupt the exercise. They will kill one another," he registered his displeasure.

He wondered why Bernard Mornah has not been picked up by the appropriate security agency for interrogation.

"If I were the Minister for National Security, straightaway, I will pick up this man. What he did yesterday amounted to a declaration of war," he stressed.

" . . Bernard Mornah tells the rest of us that they will disrupt the registration programme and that they will kill one another . . . My goodness, is this how far these people want for us?'' Kwamena Duncan further lamented.