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Politics of Tuesday, 21 August 2018

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‘Broke’, ‘betrayer’ Goosie Tanoh has no NDC card to contest anything - NDC MP

A National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament in the Greater Accra Region and former Minister in the Mahama government has told that Mr Augustus Tanoh does not have an NDC party that qualifies him to contest Mahama in the upcoming NDC primaries.

He called Mr Goosie Tanoh a ‘betrayer’ who broke away to form the National Reform Party and suported Mr John Kufuor of the NPP at the time.

Mr Augustus Obuadum Tanoh (Goosie) has in an open letter to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) signalled he will be seeking the party’s mandate, saying the biggest opposition party needs a “new breed of disciplined leadership unswervingly committed to serve Ghana and Ghanaians, in particular, our youth, women, our working and middle classes, our farmers whose living standards and security of livelihood are in perpetual free fall”.

“We believe that NDC can regain its preeminent standing as a mass-based political organisation through sustained and disciplined effort. We must sweat a little so that our exertions can and must retrieve our national political life from the clutches of those who are intent on weakening our nation’s dedication to the principles of social justice, accountability and popular democracy. And who, over the years, have instituted, by design, a culture of elitism, impunity and hostility to the grassroots, the common man and the founding principles of our party.” he wrote.

“The politics of inclusion must be nurtured, cherished and deepened. Let us be clear that the political elite (on both sides of the aisle), only see the state as a vehicle to serve and advance the interests of an acquisitive few by fair or foul means.” he pointed out.

“They and the few who think like them (and unquestionably serve them for a few talents of silver) have certainly no intention or commitment to implementing an agenda of far-reaching social and economic reforms and a programme of positive transformation in the lives of the broad majority of Ghanaians.

“Theirs is a politics of exclusion of the many to advance the cause of the few. It is enough”.

“In the next few days, weeks and months ahead, we will, through scientific analysis and practical systematic organisation, concentrate our efforts in joining others who share our views to rebuild NDC to become, once again, the powerful political force it once was. We do so in the belief that the NDC can and will be a vehicle for the kind of change and transformation that many of us who were at its birth, have yearned for all these years.

“We must be dispassionate in our analysis, focused and determined in our mobilisation drive, and at all times remembering the creed that – Ghana comes before any party – as we ponder and decide on these far reaching and weighty matters.

“We have no choice as a true social democratic party but to build a sophisticated and politically-conscious grassroots movement fully able to provide the impetus for community mobilisation for local and national development.

“In doing so, we must remain steadfast in establishing within the membership of the party a commitment to a strong democratic and transparent culture. We must also equip the ranks of our party with the highest calibre of cadres who can man the state apparatus in all its aspects and who will offer a new spirit of honest, efficient and dedicated service in the conception and implementation of the urgent development agenda facing our nation.

“Such cadre, inspired by an awakened mass movement, will have as their sole motivation, the wellbeing and development of Ghana and not as we have sadly come to expect, the wellbeing of their pocket and that of their families and friends.

“Undying sacrificial service to Ghana – that will be the sacred pledge of a renewed NDC and the theme of its sustained revival.

“We can, of course, choose the path of “servitude in tranquillity” and remain subservient to the powerful forces of moneyed politics and accommodate, by our silence and inaction, injustice, impunity and the impoverishment that all this comes with.

“We can, in our silence and inaction, hope against hope that somehow the ‘chop chop’ agenda will give way to a new wave of transparency and accountability.

“Yes, as members of our once great , we have a choice to be naive and forever be relegated to the margins of political and economic power, or we can construct a path of struggle and ultimate triumph for the cause and principles we cherish”, he wrote.

But the NDC MP believes Mr Goosie Tanoh is too broke to launch any meaningful comeback politically.

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