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Anane Should Resign - Rev.
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General News of Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle

Anane Should Resign - Rev.

The General Overseer and President of the Royal House Chapel, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah has cautioned the troubled Minister of Transportation, Dr. Richard Anane to do the hounourable thing by backing out of the government.

According to Rev Ankrah, the minister's resignation would save him from embarrassment and would go further to prove to skeptics and enemies that he had other potentials and opportunities.

In an interview with a section of the media during the official opening of 'Convention of Saints 2006', he said "if he resigns it is not that he has failed, but to prove to critics that he is innocent. As for Anane, he thinks a Minister is the only thing in the world."

He noted that if Anane were a congregant of his church, he would have counseled him to step down.

"He should put his enemies to shame, he should put his skeptics to shame because when a door is closed another door is opened," he added.

Touching on the one-week Convention of Saints Programme, Rev Ankrah said the idea was about the return of man, institutions, communities and nations to God.

"Why the return to God? We have come to realize that in our quest to solve our numerous problems namely, economic, political, social, the problem of crime, the problem of murder, the problem of rape, the problem of poverty we have discovered that all the attempts have not yielded the desire results," he explained.

He attributed the problem to three causes, which he named as attitude, lack of education and taking God out of the equation.

"We have taken God out of the process of solving our numerous human, community, national, social problems; so Convention of Saints says let the Saints come to the Lord, search their hearts, find out where I am standing in my relationship with God?" he disclosed.

Rev Ankrah insisted that most of the problems encountered by the country, which had been previously blamed on indiscipline, should rather be attributed to the spiritual.

He said most people had neglected religious education to move the country forward.

He concluded that the three speakers for the convention were powerful men of God who had their own specialization.

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