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General News of Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Source: Enquirer

US Court Gives Anane Hot Chase

…says he must appear in the US in a few days, else
..faces huge court fines and contempt of court

A Flagler County Circuit Court in the US is chasing Ghana’s scandal-prone Road Transportation Minister, Dr. Richard Anane, to appear before it and to conduct a DNA examination within 30 days.

On Tuesday March 11, 2008, the court ordered Dr. Richard Anane to appear in the US and conduct the DNA test within thirty days of the judgment, which means no later than April 9, 2008.

The court order follows a law suit, which has been filed against Dr. Anane by Alexandra Anane, mother of Nicholas Anane. The Enquirer has also learnt of attempts by Alexandra to sue Dr. Anane in Ghana in respect of certain statements he made during his recent disappointing vetting by Parliament. According to Court documents, the reliefs being sought by Alexandra include: Child support, proper scientific paternity test, parental responsibility and a determination of apportionment of all expenses incidental to the birth of the child. including hospital and medical expenses.

Alexandra, who is said to be angered by statements made by Dr. Richard Anane during his previous and recent vetting is also seeking a determination of apportionment of all other past, present and future medical and dental expenses incurred or to be incurred on behalf of the child. She is also seeking that all uninsured medical expenses be slapped on the embattled Transport Minister.

This law suit is viewed against Dr. Anane’s claim to Parliament that he “has always made arrangements” to take care of Nicholas Anane.

The Court documents also reveal that Alexandra Anane and Dr. Richard Anane “engaged in sexual intercourse with each other in the months of June 2001, September 2001, and November 2001 April 2001”etc

The documents said that “As a result of the sexual intercourse Alexandra conceived and gave birth to Nicholas Anane ‘and that Dr. Richard Winfred Anane’ is the father of the Nicholas” and that at the time of the conception and or birth of the child the pair were not married.

According to the law suit against Dr. Anane, Alexandra prayed the court to rule that it is in the best interest of the little boy for parental responsibility to be awarded solely to the mother because shared parental responsibility would be detrimental to the child, as “It would be extremely hard to reside between two countries. Also the US Department of State - Children Services, advised against allowing the child to enter Ghana due to different laws”

The suit also prayed the court no to allow visitation of Dr. Richard Anane to the little Nicholas or if the court wants a visitation, it should at best be supervised by the US government.

The reason for requesting “Supervised visitation would keep child safe from being abducted back to father’s home country against the advise of the Department of State”.

According to the court documents, Plaintiff is also asking the court to award child support in accordance with section 61.30 of the State of Florida, which requires that such support is ordered to have retroactive effect to the date when the parents did not reside together in the same household with the child and not to exceed a period of 24 months before the date of filing of the suit. What this means is that Dr. Anane could be slapped with a retroactive Child support fine of about 2 years as well as monthly ones.

Following the law suit, Dr. Richard Anane’s lawyer, Acquah Sampson, sitting in a corner in Ghana responded to the court in a letter dated September 18, 2007 begging that because his client, Dr. Richard Anane was out of the jurisdiction of the court, the 20-day deadline slapped on him to file a written response to the law suit was difficult.

“In the circumstances, we pray that you grant us an extension to study same and respond appropriately,” Anane’s lawyers said.

By November 13, 2007, Dr. Richard Anane hired a reputable law firm in the US called Clark and Roberts to represent him in the case. The attorney representing him in the case is one Sharon Feliciano. Ms. Alexandra is also represented by a law firm Knight and Dwyer, LLC. Her attorney’s name is Marc Dwyer, Esq.

On November 13, 2007, Sharon Feliciano wrote a letter to Ms. Alexandra, implying that she wanted the case to be settled amicably.

“I look forward to resolving this matter in an amicable manner,” adding that “should you wish to discuss any issues regarding the matter, kindly contact the undersigned,” Feliciano wrote.

But during Dr. Richard Anane’s recent vetting, he said that it was rather Alexandra, who had asked to settle the case out of court, but he Anane insisted on resolving the case in court.

As part of proceedings, Dr. Anane was demanded by Florida law to submit a Financial Affidavit Form to be filed with the court to determine his assets and salary. Dr. Anane submitted his form via his attorney Ms. Sharon Feliciano of Palatka, Florida on February 6, 2008.

But court sources say Dr. Anane’s financial statement does not comply with the demands of the courts and Dr. Anane did not include any assets such as real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, valuables, pensions, etc.

“His accounting details do not even make common financial sense. Dr. Anane's financial form is a joke and a mockery attempt at our legal system if he thinks this sort of contempt towards our courts would be acceptable.” A source told The Enquirer.

In U.S. family law courts, children who have previously received financial support from an absentee parent can declare the previous support payments as a guideline for future child support payments.

The Florida court, according to sources, may use the public record statements made by Dr. Anane during the CHRAJ investigation hearings as well as require information from family (wife), brothers and friends, who supposedly sent money to Alexandra throughout the initial three years.

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