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General News of Saturday, 8 August 2020


Ahwoi has wasted our time with his book on squeezing of balls - Kwesi Pratt

Renowned Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Junior Renowned Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Junior

Renowned Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jnr is of the view that Professor Kwamena Ahwoi has wasted everyone’s time with his book which talks about people squeezing the balls of other.

According to him, the book is needless and released at a time when the focus was supposed to be electioneering campaign and the promises been made by the Political Parties.

“This book is a needless book, this book is a waste of everybody’s time, this book contributes to nothing. Four months to an election, why would you launch such a book. This book is distracting attention from the main issues. We should be talking about the Promises that the political parties are making. Which Political party will make our lives better? You went and launched this book four months to an election and all you are talking about is who squeezed somebody’s something. Four months to an election and you are talking about squeezing of things,” he said while speaking on Accra-based Pan African Television monitored by

He indicated that the launch of the book and its content is an exercise in self-sabotage without precedent in the history of Ghana adding that he’s not happy the book has taken centre stage because it’s diverting attention from the crucial issues of an election.

“How will President Mahama feel now? Now he’s on the backstage and all the things he’s talking about Primary Health Care and so on, nobody cares about it anymore. Mr. Rawlings who was increasingly becoming irrelevant, his fortunes are now back in the centre stage. Mr. Rawlings who declared publicly that he did not vote for the NDC and he’s not sure whether he’s going to vote for the NDC is now playing a central role. What does that do to Mahama’s candidature? This is an exercise in self-sabotage without precedent and somebody like Professor Ahwoi should have known much better.”

Kwesi Pratt said regardless of the bad timing for the release of the book, he’s enjoying it because some of the things that he knew were happening are been confirmed by the book whiles some of the things that he knows are been twisted adding that the part of the book is factual while other parts are fictional.

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