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Omanye Lodge

Tourism in Ghana

Mole National Park - Wart Hogs ( mole National Park)

Tamale - citizen from Tamale trying to build a plane (as long as there's no krosine, you can use it to dry your laundry)

Paga - Silo (Paga)

Mole National Park - a view from the park (Mole)

Tamale - rooftop of central mosque (Tamale)

Thanks to its friendly people Ghana is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. This Ghana tourism portal offers you information for a great holiday.

Hotel accommodation is readily available in 2 to 5 star hotels. Simple hotel rooms can cost as little as $ 5 per person. Guest houses are abound in both the capital city and other regions.

African Royal Beach Hotel

Stone Lodge

Eusbett Hotel Limited

Royal Gateway Hotel