Supreme Court of Ghana


"The Supreme Court shall consist of the Chief Justice and not less than nine other justices of the Supreme Court." -article 128 (1) of the constitution

The Supreme Court of Ghana, which consists of the chief justice and four other justices, is the final court of appeal and has jurisdiction over matters relating to the enforcement or the interpretation of constitutional law. The Court of Appeal, which includes the chief justice and not fewer than five other judges, has jurisdiction to hear and to determine appeals from any judgment, decree, or High Court of Justice order. The High Court of Justice, which consists of the chief justice and not fewer than twelve other justices, has jurisdiction in all matters, civil and criminal, other than those involving treason.

Members of Supreme Court (2007)

Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood - Chief Justice since June 15, 2007[13]
William A. Atuguba – (before May 1998)
Ms. Sophia A. B. Akuffo – (before May 1997)
Prof. Samuel Kofi Date-Bah – (since 2003)
Julius Ansah – (since Jul 2004)
Mrs Sophia Ophilia Adjeibea Adinyira – (since 2006)
Rose Constance Owusu – (since 11 June, 2008)
Jones Mawulom Dotse – (since June, 2008)
Anin Yeboah– (since June, 2008)
Paul Baffoe-Bonnie – (since June, 2008)
Sule N. Gbadegbe– (since Oct 2009)
Vida Akoto-Bamfo – (since Oct 2009)
Anthony A. Benin – (since 11 Nov 2012)
Joseph Bawa Akamba – (since 11 Nov 2012)