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Panji disapproves of Yaa Pono's new name

Former executive producer of Yaa Pono, Panji Anorf, has spoken of his 'deep' disappointment in the 'name change' by Yaa Pono to Proverb aka Pro.

Panji believes that having an English name does not make sense when its' taken up by an African or to be precise a Ghanaian.

Panji disclosed to Ghana in a telephone conversation. He said language is a powerful part of who you are and what you can express.

Panji's disapproval of Yaa Pono's new name comes after Yaa Pono consulted him before changing the name.

Panji does not believe that the name will go far and that English names do not march with African musicians.

“Look at the likes of Hugh Maseka, Makeba, Abrantie Amakye Dede, Lumba and more; have all gone far and can be identified as coming from Africa”, he said.

"A musician should be very unique and be able to be identified. But here what can we really identify Yaa Pono with”, Panji said.

On the other hand, Yaa Pono's reasons for changing the was because he used a lot of proverbs in his lyrics. He calls it 'Nsem Kua' because he attaches a funny side to it when rapping.

Panji further went on to say that he has not sacked Yaa Pono but had a long constructive meeting with Tony, the manager of Samini before letting go of him.

Meanwhile, Proverb is wrapping up his maiden album which will be released soon by Samini Music/High Grade Family Records that houses Stonebwoy and the likes.

Proverb has released singles such as '2011 Killa Fylla', 'Remix 4 All', 'Oh Joe', 'Good Morning' featuring Efya, 'London', 'Shopping Mall', and 'Shame' and more under Pidgen Music.**

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Panji disapproves of Yaa Pono's new name

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