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The Kwawu Man

THE Kwahu Man has been born with an identity crisis, history links him to the Asante Kingdom and colonization to a region he shares very little with its inhabitants beyond language. Their naming conventions donot help in this since Antwi, Owusu etc.. are so generic as to bestow any sense of uniqueness to anyone. Your potential Kwahu Man will always want a price comparison even when it comes to drugs for the common cold. He wears this tag as a badge of honor and pride. The biggest offense committed against him is to make superfluous purchases like pounds of beef when you could have substituted a pound with eggs. Left overs for the children are encouraged and promoted.

Seeking education, meaning higher education, to the Kw! ahu man is of modern day reality, he can afford the crowd. He does not see any value in Western education beyond seeing it as an insurance policy. He acquires his love for Kantamanto and a store somewhere in Accra is almost a sacred and primodial right. In every facet of the Ghanaian society they are seen as the least threatening amongst the eccentric and ubiquitous.

The Kwahu man has a covert disdain for public service since revenues from this business is not enough, involve him in the thankless and hopeless investment ventures, like building a huge 20 bedroom empty house is also by far the least ambitious when it comes to measuring men on prestigious appointment in government. He sells second hand tyres at Kokompe than take an ambassadorial job.

If you're a lady who believes in wealth and all its trappings this maybe a risk worth taking, girls of the 90's need to know that Wiafe is still an old fashioned polygamist at heart, struggling to accept the romantic 1960's let alone make a pass century. His usual line is "I give you everything why are you complaining?" he just does not get it. If you think this price is too much, then enjoy your marriage through the happiness of your children, this is heaven on earth.

Your average Kwahuman is notoriously stingy, not because he cannot afford anything but he simply sees being at home as an ideological crusade, he abhors fancy eating habits. The purchase of a Mercedes and the building of mansions is like puberty to them and if you have eat but soup 3times a day to accomplish this, thy will be done in Kwaland.

If after reading this article ladies, your heart is still set to get your pseudo ? Ashanti man, less flamboyant and subdued just get your "Dumas" ready and be prepared for a gondola ride in a car to Kwahu mountains. To the Kwahu man Christmas is for the consumers. It helps if you have a Kwahu girlfriend accompanying you because they ! are still the most nepotic and inward looking amongst all the Akans, your girlfriend's recommendation will be golden. In relationships they are impressionable and act like they have no strong opinions. But will certainly be commissioning a salon appointment and keeping the money, taste, style and such ladylike niceties on her woman escape attention. He has no time for compliments and has no regards for your level of education. He will easily leave her wife for a standard 7 without any regrets, it is that bad. To him the glory is in the houses, the power is in the store if every penny is saved. Amen.

On the plus side, there is a modicum of financial security, and an investment for your children but beyond attending an occasional large donation to the Anglican Church, he is clueless to any other form of entertainment. Take and do not tell me, I did not tell you the heartbreak hotel is fully booked.