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Wasa Tribe Under ethnic group, you excluded Wasa tribe in Western region (which is also Akan) but included the smallest tribes such as Ahanta and Nzema. Thus, you wrote "The Akan are further divided into the Asante, Fante, Akwapim, Akyem, Akwamu, Ahanta, Bono, Nzema, Kwahu, and Safwi". Wasa is the biggest tribe in Western region in terms of population and land. Wasa covers at least 50% of the land in Western region. So I find its omission as deliberate act. I hope you are not trying to distort facts. You are a news agency, and it is duty to present facts without fear or favour. I wish you rectify this distortion. The following are the tribes in Western region in terms of size (the largest first): Wasa, Sefwi, Nzema, Brosa(Aowin), Ahanta, Anyin and Eseman(Shama).


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Comments: Your ethnic map for the Western Region requires some amendment. Wassa(Wassa Fiase)
lies immediately north of Ahanta and east of Nzema. Pepesa language(akin to Nzema) is
spoken only in three towns in the Wassa Fiase area (Simpa, Dompim, Agona)lying
between the Wassa Fiase speaking towns of Nsuaem and Tarkwa. Pepesa people migrated
from Ivory Coast and were allowed to settle in those parts of Wassa Fiase along with
the Wassas.So your map is inaccurate. You should actually draw Pepesa as an enclave
in Wassa, which again starts immediately north of Ahanta and East of Nzema. I am a
native of the area and know what Iam talking about.