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Akasa Noma: I am a male creative writer who is very considerate and full of human empathy. I think I am the ideal candidate to help folks with gnawing/nagging motions of emotions since I got lots of free time and patience!
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Should I be concerned

Jenni: I have written different opinions about husbands and their porn. I do think it is natural for men to look at porn. I have been able to except my husband and his net porn and video porn.

My question is "when is too much?" It seems that he stays up late every night and is either looking at it on the net or watching it on videos. I think we have a pretty good sex life. I've even starting staying up later to
see if he would go to bed with me and not stay up alone. It doesn't seem to work either. I've even come on to him sometimes and he not be in the mood. But I can hear him through our baby monitor watching videos. Should I be concerned, should I say something, how do I bring up the subject?

Paa Kwesi: No Harm, No Alarm!
The man is engaged in private relief of bubbling sexual stimulations which need a harmless way of ventillation.

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