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Fake Brothers II

In 1999 I moved to Virginia Fresh from the bible school.

I was 20 years old and I met a Ghanaian by the name of Adolph (the name should have scared me off ). Since I had always had a flare for different cultures and things me dating him was nothing usual for me. Well, I also didn't want to just settle down with him being, he was 12 years my senior, and I had no job, with undiagnosed illnesses and very little family support. Believe me when his checks came in I was not getting a piece whatever he had ha sent to Africa. I had a daughter and I had fellows who wanted to court me, but he would not allow it, he was jealous. He would knock on my door until I answered, leave notes, pacifically lose weight while I was in his absence. That made me feel sorry for him and I use to really take care of him cook his meals, wash his clothes, clean his, care for him when he was sick. I hadn't been with a man in 7 years seriously.

I hadn't slept with a man in a year. He use to eat with me, wash me, I mean I had my first real organism with him. I was deeply in love with him I needed him like he was a drug. OK back to the story, We were on in off for two years than he needed a place to stay, I Let him move in with me he stayed for one month in a half and I ended up pregnant. I told him I was excepting showing him the test grabbed the test from my hand and fling it in the trash. I was shocked. I mean all this time we were together never used protection and I asked Jehovah and him for a child and he throws the test away.

Stuff started to happen to him he called me a witch. I had was severely depressed, with high blood pressure, no money, bills and he just packed up and left and went to his new wife. I agonized what to do in a daze I made appointments for help but he would stand me up. So I made an appointment for an abortion he took me, paid, came back gave me cab money and left. I ended up in the mental hospital and I wanted to kill him. He still tried to come over I. Never let him taste the best dam women he ever had. I have one thing to say to you Lady in distress in England, you have won, because you said no and you have a beautiful baby girl and never feel shame because you let your beauty come out inside out and that your girl. What a blessing she is. It's women like you that make me have hope for future generations.

Fake Brothers

In 1997 i met a guy and fell inlove with him and after about four or five months he domped me for no reason.I was hurt but then i let him go.Two years after in 1999 we got back together,i was very happy because at that time i was in a messy relationship.This time i fell even deeper inlove with him.I will go to his house and cook for him and his brother every week, i will also buy him gifts and do anything he asked meto do for him. In march 2000 i got pregnant and he told me to have an abortion.I was going to do it ,but i changed my mind and then the problem start.He told me he does not want to have anything to do with me or the baby.I was terrified and thought he would change his mind but he never did,i begged him,i asked people to talk to him and even my mother begged him but he will not listen.When i had the baby he did not come to the naming ceremony,infact he did not see the baby unti! l it was twoweeks old and after that he did not see her until she was fourmonths old.He has never done anything for the baby and has not seen her for over a year now.I have cried til there is no more tears in my eyes,because of the heartache and shame he has put me through.I am an only child and i came from a big family and so there is so much expectation from me.I had a nervous breakdown abd i even tried to kill myself.I thankgod my mother was there to support me.I am still hurt but i an geting through it.I am sending this story from England and the guy i am talking about is ghanaian and the son of a well known politician,but unfortunatly his father has passed away resently.

Sugar Stew

Two years ago i arrived in tokyo, then one day i decided to go and buy sardine for my one week stew, i saw some kinda sardine type cans on the supermarket shelf i took two cos it was cheap. After my unknown delicious stew was finished i realised that my stew taste sweeter than candy then later i learned that some of the japanese canned products contain sugar . so all you new gaijin\foreigners/ take care or else you'll spoil your taste.
---NANA , tokyo