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Fufu Allergy

Dr Bitters,
I came to USA two years ago and developed skin problems after just 3 months. After intensive research, at the St Mary Hospital in NY, I was diagnosed as having fufu allergy. I could not belive it. Is there any such thing as "fufu Allergy"? The implications are that man cannot attack his favorite meal for the rest of his life. Fufu has been my favorite and major dish for the past 37 years, so a "don't eat it" advice will be ignored. Please advice!

Kofi, this is a tough one. The problem may be you're NOT "attacking" the original fufu in NY. You're most probably eating the "fake fufu" most Ghanaians eat in diaspora. Get the original recipe, make it like we do at home, eat that and see if the skin problem re-surfaces. If it still does, then my brother: Whiteman land no good for you....time to go back to Ogyakrom!

Black or White

Dr Bitters,
          Are you really white?

What does that have to do with my competence? Anyway, I am black, but I have the "Michael Jackson" disease

Help me get it Up

Dear Dr Bitters,
I've been using Viagra for the past 3 years without any results. Can you help me get "you-know-what" to function properly


KK, Viagra has been around for just over a year. How come you've been using it for 3 years? Were you a "guinea pig"?. Assuming your story is true: I advice you to go to Ghana, board a bus from Accra to Kumasi and one of those "Bus-doctors" without any "booklong" degree can help you.

Remember to eat lapiwa (alias "face-the-wall" ) twice a day, 6am and 6pm to increase your sexual apettite.