Regional News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Devote airtime to play Ebola educational jingle – Dr. Apaak

A representative of government on the National Media Commission (NMC), Dr. Clement Apaak, is urging all media outlets to allocate airtime to play the Ebola educational jingle to create awareness about the disease.

He is calling on the Chairman of the NMC, Kabral Blay Amhire to work with the National Communications Authority (NCA) in order to achieve this objective.

In his view, this move will enable him (Kabral Blay) to get public slot service announcements in all the Media Houses in the country as part of its educational programme on the Ebola virus.

“As a member of the National Media Commission representing the Presidency, I am suggesting to Ambassador Kabral Blay that he should look at working with the NCA to get an announcement from every media outlet in this country dedicated towards education on Ebola," he pointed out.

The Presidential staffer also implored Presenters and DJ’s of the various Television and Radio Stations as well as producers to dedicate few minutes of their airtime to educate the citizenry.

According to Dr. Apaak, this sensitisation programme will inform the general public more on the preventive measures on the deadly disease.

He believed that since the NMC has representation on almost every media organisation in Ghana, it would be expedient for him to consider this move.

He noted that this is a delicate situation that demands realistic national action; adding that, “there is no reason why Ghana Independence Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Private Newspaper Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG) and all of the other media outlets will not get their members to devote few minutes to play Ebola enlightening Jingle.”

Dr. Apaak reiterated his believe that if the media houses can heed to his call nationwide, the population would be saturated with education as the nation continue working to ensure that this catastrophe will blow past Ghana.