Regional News of Saturday, 22 June 2013

Source: joyonline

Faction in Teshie clashes threatens mayhem if...

One of the factions of the Teshie Chieftaincy dispute is threatening mayhem if the newly installed chief attempts to assert his authority as chief of the area.

There were clashes on Thursday morning between claimants to the Teshie stool which resulted in one death and several injuries.

The clashes did not stop the new chief from being installed that night.

Though heavy security presence has restored calm to the area, it doesn’t seem the crises in the area is over.

Nii Kwaobotswe, who claims to be the Jaasetse or kingmaker in the town, has vowed to stop the newly installed chief, Nii Kamoah III, from holding himself as such.

“If he is a chief, then he should be a chief in the bedroom where he was allegedly installed.

“A chief that is recognised by the people is outdoored at Manjaano [public place].”

"Let them dare bring out their chief, and they will face the wrath of the people," he dared.

But Nii Kamoah III says he has no case. "I don’t think they know what they are talking about. We have traditions, customs and norms."

He added the venue for a particular ceremony does not determine whether the ceremony is legitimate or not.

"We have places for doing things, but when it becomes necessary you can move a ceremony, you can move an event to any place in the land," he said.