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Regional News of Wednesday, 3 May 2017


We want Shaanxi to stop mining - Talensi residents

In the wake of loud voices against illegal mining practices across the country, a group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Talensi, wants Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd, (a registered Chinese Mining Support Company) out of the Talensi District in the Upper East Region.

According the Concerned Citizens of Talensi, Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd has not been useful to the Talensi District, but rather, caused harm in the district, where many strong and energetic young men keep losing their lives due to what they describe as, “wicked and illegal mining operations”.

They accused the Shaanxi Mining Company of mining in the area for itself and yet keep deceiving the public and Law enforcing Agencies since 2010, of only providing Mining Support Services to two Small Scale Mining Groups (Pubuotaba and Yenyeya).

“We do not trust the validity of their documentation and registration as a Mining Support Service Provider to these Small Scale Mining groups. In June 2012 we requested a legal search on Shaanxi Mining’s operations in Talensi, but the Mineral Commission rather produced a Cadastral Map with explanation that, Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd had not been registered to operate in Talensi in any capacity.

However, in 2013, the Company claimed to have a Certificate of Registration dated 2010, at a meeting in the office of the Upper East Regional Minister. There is a clear indication that, some Officials of the Mineral Commission were either over protecting or collaborating with Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd in their wrong doings in Talensi. It is also surprising that, even though, the Minerals and Mining (Support Services) Regulations 2012, LI 2174, seeks to preserve Mining Support Services to only Ghanaian local companies, Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd, has been allowed and shielded to operate.” They said.

The Concerned Citizens of Talensi accused Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd of mining in unauthorized areas and also trespassing into other concessions, which has resulted in conflicts with almost every Small Scale Mining License holder in the Gbane mining area, leading to some death of some Small Scale Miners over the years.

They also accused Shaanxi Mining Ghana of mining against Standard Practices, saying, they blast unannounced and use bad method of stopping.

“Out of 502 Ghanaian employees, about 450 are paid salaries below GHc250.00 per month for working for 8 hours per day. Due to poor safety measures, many are dead by accidents, while others are injured, uncompensated and made to pay their medical bills. … The Company has also not paid any SSNIT contribution for employees since 2012, irrespective of complaints made to SSNIT by employees.

They hinted that Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd, does not pay taxes for Mining in Talensi, because of their pretence to be rendering Mining Support Services and also denied Land-owners, Traditional Authorities and the Talensi District Assembly their royalties.

Meanwhile, the P.R.O of Shaanxi Mining Ghana Ltd, Maxwel Wooma, has denied all allegations, saying the Company was ready to open and show its documents to the media.

“Our operations are legal and we abide by best practices in the industry.” He noted.