Press Releases of Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Source: CEPNR

CEPNR seeks collaboration to deepen mandate

The Centre for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources (CEPNR), a non-governmental organisation in the promotion of environmental and public issues is collaborating with Global Health Foundation to carry out fumigation and other environmental friendly activities.

The Centre, which is sponsoring the fumigation of drains and open spaces in a number of communities is inviting interested organisations and institutions to submit proposals and estimates for the fumigation of their premises for support.

A statement issued in Accra on Wednesday said CEPNR is targeting hospitals, clinics, schools, churches and other institutions.

CEPNR is a body that collates and gathers information on issues affecting the environment and is teaming up with stakeholders to support government’s effort to fight against acts that undermine the environment.

The aims and objectives of the Centre is to advocate the protection of the environment and natural resources, partner organisations to campaign against the degradation of the environment and offer support in reclaiming degraded lands.

CEPNR encourages the planting of trees to protect the environment, sensitise the citizens on environmental issues and assist in the protection of river bodies.

It also aims at fumigating communities affected by outbreak of malaria and other communicable diseases as well as environmental and health challenges and ensure clean and healthy environment.

The statement called on organisations seeking support to contact CEPNR on 0302953632, 0232968775, 0545012158, 0264375296, E-mail:, Fax 0302660190.