Press Releases of Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Source: Concerned Citizens of Ghana

Ghana Center for Entrepreneurship?

Will it be a reality or a mere campaign promise?


We the Concerned Citizens of Ghana are calling on the Government of Ghana
to as a matter of urgency implement its budget item of setting up a Center
for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation.

Following questions on Youth Unemployment asked the soon to be
Vice-President of this Country at his vetting today, we believe the
initiative of the Ghana Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and
Innovation is key and timely and will go a long way to reduce Unemployment
in this Country, particularly given its core intentions and set targets as
we are told in the budgetary provision(page 24, paragraph or item 107 in
the 2012 Budget Highlights) to be a one-stop shop for Entrepreneurs,
harmonizing the capital market, increasing access to credit for SME’s,
promoting job creation and innovation in Ghana.

This undue delay in implementation, we believe can cost the nation greatly,
particularly since we’ve not heard anything 8 months down the line and the
youth of this country are engaging in numerous vices in our society.

The question we are asking is what is going on?

Is it another lie and propaganda from this Government?

We are grappled with rising Youth Unemployment in this country and when an
initiative recommended by the World Bank and others has been put forward,
Government seems to be silent on this initiative and yet was on tertiary
campuses telling the youth of this country what it will do.

Our simple appeal is to have answers to these questions, and we believe the
media is the right platform and tool to ask the Minister for Employment,
Minister for Finance and those responsible for its implementation.

Is it that it has been implemented and we don’t know what they are doing

What is the future of this initiative? Please help us ask the questions…….

We need to know, we are not issuing this statement to be popular or to be
noticed in society but we think it is imperative on us as concerned
citizens to ask such questions.

We are an advocacy group championing the cause of economic development in
Ghana and hope you in the media will contact the authorities responsible to
provide some answers.


Kofi Nartey,