Press Releases of Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Release Of Bursary And Thesis Grant For Post Graduate Students In Ghana

After several months of dialogue, negotiation, threats of demonstration and media encounter, the National Office of the GRADUATE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA is pleased to announce to our colleague students and the general public that the grant has finally been released to institutions for onward payment to beneficiaries.
We are calling on all connected to the payment of the grant at the various universities to expedite action on the processes involved to ensure that the grants are paid as early as possible without delay since the academic year is just about ending.
GRASAG wishes to express our appreciation to government for the 100% upward adjustment in the grant this year. However, the current figures are still below standard and we are therefore asking for a formula that will see to an annual upward review of the grant.
As we have stated in our earlier releases, the timely release of the thesis and bursary grant has been called to question several times, we are therefore proposing to government to ensure that proper structures are put in place to prevent such unfortunate occurrences. We also want to emphasize that since these monies are paid annually, it must be effected latest by February every year to enable students use the money for its intended purpose. We are again encouraging government to consider proposals made by GRASAG and other Committees to transform the Scholarships Secretariat into an Independent Scholarships Authority with dedicated source of funding to enhance its efficiency and curb the several agitations that arises as a result of delays in such payments as we have witnessed recently with Second Cycle institutions in the three northern regions and GRASAG.
We want to use this opportunity to thank all who have worked tirelessly to ensure the release of the grant particularly the Registrar of Scholarships Secretariat, Minister of State in charge of Scholarships at the Office of the President and many others we cannot mention. We are also grateful to our colleague students who have been patient and supported us all this while. Finally we are very grateful to our cherished media friends who carried our story and followed up with keen interest.
As partners in national development, GRASAG is always committed to a meaningful discourse that will lead to great improvements in our educational sector.
Dr. Samuel Bert Boadi-Kusi (National President)