Press Releases of Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Open letter to every Ghanaian


Open letter to every Ghanaian………from Defenders of Democracy in Ghana (DODIG, London, UK)

The events of the past few weeks have tested the mettle and resolve of all Ghanaians, irrespective of their tribe or language. We will first appeal to every Ghanaian to give peace a chance and not heed the voice of a politician who unfortunately allowed his emotions to get the best of him instead of responding to a situation that even if he feels aggrieved by; ought to have known how to choose his words and not cause a stir in our society!

What the Rt. Honourable Member of Parliament for Asin Fosu North said was incalculable, deplorable and unacceptable in any society and the rule of law should be applied to the fullest. Our democracy is still in its infancy and though we are seen as an example in the West African sub region we can’t take anything for granted.

However, whilst we are condemning the actions of the Rt. Hon. Member of Parliament, we must also spare a thought on what led to his actions. Our elected leaders and the security agencies need to assure Ghanaians that the system is just, fair and unambiguous. The brouhaha that led to this unfortunate fiasco seems to have generated from a scuffle at a registration center for the upcoming elections and these pockets of incidents must be stamped out by authorities. For Ghana to continue to thrive in a democratic process; fairness, accountability, shared responsibility, and desire for the system to work must be what every Ghanaian aspires to, without any reservations. Some tribal and civil wars that have plagued the African Continent were started by such declarations. It is regrettable that such comments will be made by a public official: we DODIG in spite of all the conditions, we are urging all Ghanaians to exercise their democratic and fundamental human rights by registering; so your vote on 7th December 2012, can be your voice in steering Ghana towards an optimum future. DODIG is once again condemning the Rt Honourable Kennedy Agyapongs’ statement and is appealing for peace to all Ghanaians!!!

God Bless Mother Ghana!!!

From Defenders of Democracy in Ghana (DODIG, London, UK) Co-Chairman: Nana Frempong Contact Info: 00447957698678/07712185856 Co-Chairman: Apostle George Odoom Contact Info: 00447578690300 Communication Director: Osei Kuffour Contact Info: 00447581276651 Welfare Officer: Veronica Amobea Contact Info: 00447961362162