Press Releases of Thursday, 22 March 2012

Source: communication team for adwoa safo

communication team for adwoa safo

PRESS RELEASE In my capacity as the Parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party in the Dome/Kwabenya constituency, I am by this press statement encouraging members of my party and the entire constituents to be more focused, vigilant and diligent in the up –coming national biometric registration exercise which begins on this Saturday 24th of March, 2012. I want to state that this all important national exercise must be taken seriously since it is going to enfranchise all qualified voters to participate in the upcoming general elections slated for December. In this respect, I want to urge all members within the constituency to play a key role in ensuring that all qualified members stipulated within the law are given the opportunity to register in order to ensure maximum inclusion in this national exercise, while ensuring that in much the same way persons who are also not qualified under the law are also not allowed to register. If we keep to this rule then we are all playing an important role in ensuring a peaceful and incident free election come December. I want to assure everyone within the constituency, that my party and I are very keen in ensuring that this all important national exercise is peaceful and incident free; I am, therefore, urging all competing candidates to also endeavor to commit to ensuring that there is peace by To the security agencies, I challenge them to be fair and unbiased in dispensing their constitutional duties without kowtowing to the whims and caprices of any individual. I urge the electoral Commission to also ensure that all the logistics needed to embark on this exercise are provided. To my party members and all selected officers who will man the registration centers, I exhort them to be extremely vigilant to ensure that only qualified persons are allowed to register. In no way should anyone be intimidated by anybody; all must stand firm and ensure that the right thing is done. The road to victory 2012 begins from here and hence there is the need for us to play the gate keeping role well, making sure that the NDC is prevented from carrying out its intended machinations, knowing very well that it cannot make any meaningful impact in these coming elections. In a related development, my attention has been drawn to a publication by some rented news papers that are aligned to the NDC, alleging that my office has hatched plans to bus people from my father’s church across the country to register and vote for me. First of all I want to place it on record that those allegations are baseless, shallow and unfounded. If you will recall, when the NDC selected its candidate for Dome/Kwabenya constituency, I congratulated her and threw a challenge to her for us to embark on a clean campaign; I still stand by that challenge and will make sure that I embark on a cleaner campaign to win the people’s mandate. I know my father by his deeds has won the hearts of many and if the fringe benefits is going to be carried over to me why will I not be happy. We do not have such intentions and never will my campaign team take any action that will be inimical to what is right. Anytime the NDC hatches any wicked and diabolical plans to embark upon, they rather accuse their opposing candidate of and turn out to indulge in it. I therefore want to encourage my officers to be extra vigilant in ensuring that the NDC do not carry through it’s calculated plans.