Press Releases of Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Source: FONKAR

Press Statement- FONKAR

February 20TH 2012

It has come to the notice of FONKAR that certain individuals and groups are appropriating the name of FONKAR for malicious political purposes through the media. It is in this regard that we wish to caution unequivocally that all individuals and groups purporting to be representing us and making political statements both on the electronic and print media must desist henceforth from making any such further statements.

In this regard, we wish to deny any association with the so-called FONKAR group from Nsawam making demands for the release of detained NPP member Mr. O.B Amoah in connection with the infamous Woyomegate financial scandal. We have not associated ourselves with this case and do not intend to interfere in police duties as a group. As a group that believes in probity and accountability as well as the rule of law, we would want to see the due process take place.

We also wish to caution individual members of FONKAR who go on radio stations to make political pronouncements to further desist from doing so in the name of the group FONKAR. Failure to do so will make the group dissociate itself from them.

Henceforth, FONKAR communications will be strictly official and all media houses are informed to take note of persons who appear on their platforms and claim to speak in official capacity. Media houses must therefore take not to introduce anybody as a FONKAR spokespersons on their programs since until further notice.


FONKAR Coordinator

Emmanuel Saint Osei