Press Releases of Thursday, 13 October 2011

Source: IMASS

African Leaders Must Resist Britain’s Homosexual Hegemony


Sections of Britain’s print and electronic media have reported this week announcements by Britain’s prime ministers (David Cameron) and that country’s international development secretary (Andrews Mitchell) that financial and technical aid to some African countries will be reduced drastically if those countries do not soften their stance on homosexuality. Particular mention is reported to have been made of Ghana and Malawi. In their explanations, the two Britain leaders are said to be defending and pushing for the recognition of homosexual rights. This action by Britain has not come to Ghanaians as a surprise because since the 19th century, Britain has assert itself as human right abuser.
Modern history recounts how Britain abused the rights of thousands of Africans particularly Ghanaians and enslaved them. Therefore the homosexual imperialist tactics cannot scare Ghanaians. The International Movement Against Same - Sex (IMASS) however take this medium to appeal to the British High Commission in Ghana to informed its home government to respect the rights ,wisdom ,intelligence ,knowledge .culture, traditions and beliefs of the Ghanaian and other Africans by not putting the gullible leadership of Africa under duress to accept what the Whiteman sees is the best.
IMASS further impress on Britain and the rest of the western world to consider not only the legal aspect of the fight for or against homosexuality. They must be open minded to the moral,spiritual,medical,psychological,economical,cultural,traditional and political consequences of that evil act. It is a great abuse and disrespect of the rights of millions of Africans to deny aid because we (Africans) uphold the laws and beliefs that bind us together.
It must be said that Africans do not ever intend to pressure Britain and other western countries to abolish laws against bigamy and polygamy (despite our traditions and laws recognized these), hence the need to allow Africans hold their positive beliefs. [Britain laws against bigamy and polygamy is provided in section 57 of the offence against the person’s act 1861}.
IMASS further charge political, religious and traditional leadership of Africa to for once resist the oppressors rule. The action by Britain must prompt African leaders to think outside the box to find home-grown solutions to the socio-economic problems of the continent. IMASS appeal to Ghanaian leaders in particular not to trade the sexual sovereignty of the land. IT IS DEADLY TO HAVE PLEASURE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE.

Prince Osei Tutu.
Executive Secretary- IMASS.
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Mobile-0244 24 23 08.