Press Releases of Sunday, 21 August 2011

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Press Release: Update to the People of Ghana

Since the conclusion of the National Constitution Conference in March 2011, the Constitution Review Commission of Ghana (CRC) has been fully and critically engaged in:

1. Analyzing and synthesizing the Eighty Five Thousand (85,000) submissions received;
2. Testing the legal and factual integrity of those submissions;
3. Coding of all the submissions individually and mapping them against the demographic map of Ghana;
4. Conducting appropriate and relevant research into the areas covered by the submissions;
5. Eliciting best international comparative practices for consideration or adaptation to the Ghanaian situation;
6. Drafting the Bills for the recommended amendments to the Constitution;
7. Preparing an indicative list of Laws that need to be reviewed;
8. Putting together a comprehensive list of recommendations for administrative reforms in governance; and
9. Engaging the Commissioners in a consensus-building approach to their decision-making process across the Twelve (12) thematic areas as well as other areas of noted concerns of the Constitution.
As a result of the long hours of deliberations that have attended this exercise, the Commission is happy to report substantial progress in all the above departments with the result that it predicts that its work will be fully and finally completed within the timeframe of the Constitutional Instrument that set it up.

The Commission projects that it will be able to submit a Final Report of its recommendations and findings, together with the draft amendment Bills to the Government of Ghana within the time allotted to it. No extension of time is therefore anticipated or warranted.
The remaining life of the Commission will then be devoted to administrative processes for phasing out the Project.
The Constitution Review Commission thanks all Ghanaians for their continued support and interest in its work.

Professor (Emeritus) Albert Fiadjoe