Press Releases of Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Source: Bawku Ambassadors for Peace (BAP)

Attack On Two Farmers In Bawku On August 11, 2011

We the Bawku Ambassadors for Peace find it very necessary at this time to make our voice heard on the above matter. Indeed when the news of the attacked on the two farmers got to us on that fatefully day we, as a peace advocacy group, wisely decided not to rush in commenting on it in the media but rather monitor and pray for the health of the victims, Ambassadors Osman Dauda and Amadu Gambilla. That, to us was very paramount and we are now pleased to say that there has since been improvement on their condition. Our sincere heartfelt sympathy goes to them and their families. We wish them speedy recovery and spray for their good health and God’s protection.

In condemning the unfortunate attacked on our fellow Ambassadors who were on their farms that day, we wish to add our voice to that of the two opinion leaders, Alhaji Ibrahim Kolbila and Mr. Thomas Abila both of the Mamprusi and Kusasi tribes respectfully and, all peace loving people of Bawku. This we do in no uncertain term.

It is our view that, the act was not just senseless and unlawful, but obviously a great threat to the relative and fragile peace prevailing in Bawku and that, the perpetrators of the act are criminals and enemies of peace, unity, happiness and development which we are all hoping to achieve. We sincerely believe that, but for the timely and wise appeal by well-meaning people from both sides as well as the intervention of the security agencies, obviously, the act could have easily spark an arm conflict between the Mamprusis and Kusasis.

We applaud the two opinion leaders and all peace loving people for their restrain and wish to humbly appeal and encourage all citizens in and outside Bawku to remain calm and continue to extend a hand of peace to each other and avoid perpetrating peace threatening acts that could spark arm violence and mere the peace, trust, unity and happiness that we are all working for.

We believe that Bawku is a community in which all people should be treated with respect, kindness, love and tolerance for one another and that, every person should be allowed to go on with his/her lawful activity in any part of Bawku without fear or favour, intimidation, attack, discrimination and or provocation but, in peace and happiness.

We wish to state, that believing in the wise principle that a society where equal rights for its people is over looked and justice is swept under the carpet with impunity by those who are to ensure that there exist equal rights and justice, surely, unlawful acts will be carried out by the people also with impunity and peaceful co-existence will be difficult to achieve. We therefore, humbly wish to call on the security agencies to do everything within their possible best to fish out and bring to book the perpetrators of this criminal act who took the law into their hands. At least, that could serve as a clear warning to other like minds who will always want to cause fear and panic and create trouble in Bawku.

We would like to use this opportunity to state that, one thing which we have observed, is that if genuine consideration is not given to the issue of farmlands as one of the major obstacles to peace and therefore, take bold measures to address it, then, we can confidently predict that at least every year similar incidents like what we are facing now are bound to happen thereby giving no hope to achieving peace and building trust between the Mamprusis and Kusasis who cannot do without each other as far as Bawku is concern. We are therefore appealing to the leadership of both tribes as a matter of urgency and for the sake of peace and as a way of building trust to consider meeting at the peace table to specifically and genuinely disagree to agree on this issue of farmlands all in the interest of all of us as a people.

We also wish to appeal to fellow Ambassadors that, in difficult moment like this, we should all strive to rise above, temptations and provocations and stand solidly firm in the spirit of forgiveness, peace, justice and brotherliness. We the Ambassadors will continue to advocate for peace and we will encourage all citizens to join us for peace.

We wish to use this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the National Chief Imam for granting us the audience when we paid a courtesy call on him and for his prayers and blessings. We also hope to meet with Pastor Mensah Otabil in due time

Thank you all. In God We Trust.

SIGNED Iddi Wuni (Founder/Coordinator)

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