Politics of Sunday, 23 February 2014

Source: Tv3network.com

Hassan Ayariga thanks Ashanti Region PNC

2012 Presidential Candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Hassan Ayariga has lauded members of the Ashanti Region branch of the party for their support during the 2012 General Elections.

In a ‘Thank You’ tour of the Region, Mr Ayariga underscored the Region’s demeanour in not jumping to castigate members of the party.

“We have seen many supporters on air castigating PNC and its members, but we have never heard of the Ashanti Region castigating either their flagbearer or their members or anybody,” he poured out while addressing leadership of the party in the Region.

“I say a big ‘Thank You,” he stated.

Mr Ayariga polled 24,621 of the total valid votes cast in the Elections. That, translating to 0.22 per cent of the votes, put him and the PNC fifth in the Elections.

“For working so hard to help the party, I think you deserve more [than a Thank You],” Mr Ayariga told the leadership.

He also preened in the fact that he made the PNC popular during the electioneering period.

He explained that anytime “Ayaricough was mentioned, PNC was mentioned. Anytime PNC was mentioned people knew that it was Ayaricough”.

‘Ayaricough’ went viral on social media as the cough mixture for Mr Ayariga’s fit of coughs during the 2nd Presidential Debate organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs prior to the election.