Politics of Sunday, 3 February 2013

Source: PPP Communications

NDC Must Yield Akatsi South And Buem Constituencies

Government Without Opposition Is Bad:
NDC Must Yield Akatsi South And Buem Constituencies To The PPP.

A member of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), William Dowokpor, is asking the electorate in the Akatsi South constituency of the Volta region to vote massively for Anthony Tsikattah, the PPP candidate in Tuesday’s by-elections, to end the one-sided conduct of business in the house of parliament, while the supreme court settles the alleged irregularities in the December 2012 elections, for which reason the main opposition NPP has resorted to boycotting several parliamentary proceedings.

William Dowokpor is of the view that “government without opposition is bad” no matter the circumstances and how one chooses to look at it, insisting that the Akatsi by-elections which takes place barely two months after the general elections, presents a good opportunity for the people of Akatsi to safeguard Ghana’s democratic credentials, by producing an opposition MP who will present the other side of the coin in all proceedings in parliament, to stop the ongoing embarrassment to the country.

He further called on His Excellency John Dramani Mahamah and the NDC hierarchy to agree to yield the seat they have held for the past two decades to the PPP, for the right balance to be established in the governance of the country. “… the NDC has nothing to lose, should they yield Akatsi South and Buem constituencies to our bright red sun. They have a comfortable majority; our constitutional arrangements allow them to have their way at all times, while the minority can only have their say, until reforms come. With all these working in their favour, the NDC must be extremely greedy to want to retain the Akatsi and Buem constituencies by all means in the two by-elections” he said.
The leading PPP member, who was in the Akatsi constituency on Friday in the company of other party stalwarts such as Mike Eghan Jnr and Deputy Party Secretary Paa Kow Ackon, joined the PPP candidate and constituency executives on a door knocking exercise to canvass for votes in the by-elections.
Addressing supporters in the villages of Lume Avete and Lume Ahugakope, William Dowokpor admitted that politics and elections in Ghana could unfriendly even when it is among members of the same party. He explained however, that, the prevailing situation in the country and parliament in particular, calls for a concession on the part of the ruling NDC insisting that “an all inclusive government is not always about appointment of people outside your party to ministerial positions; it is about bending backwards, accommodating, yielding and making room for members of other political beliefs and persuasions to take part in the governance process in the public interest. This is a test case for the NDC to show to the whole world that they can walk the talk of all inclusiveness”. He said.
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