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NPP are intellectually bankrupt -CPP

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2007-05-31 17:51:40
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50 years not 30

Oh Ejisuni-ba,because ghanaians enjoys freedom of speech that is why you called someone who disagreed with your party ideology as idiots.Do you rarely understand the word idiots?Remember your freedom ends where someone noise begins.People like you are not sensable to enough to be political argrumentative.Mr. dreamer woke up from your sleeping.What hell do you think you are, to called someone animal.You sit in front of someone computer after eating your big fufuo and posted senseless comment.Can you tell me why NPP will rule ghana for 50years when they can not solve the energy crisis,water problems,high rate of corrupt, the high rate of graduate unemployment,high rate of cocaine business,lack of testbooks in our schools,lack of drugs in our hospital,Collaspings of companies,etc.just to mention few.Maybe, you see those problems as better opened your eyes mr. blindman.You have right to vote for any party you wish but me and my househould will vote based on issues.

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RE:50years not30
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