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Politics of Thursday, 31 May 2007

Source: Peter N. Jeffrey

NPP are intellectually bankrupt -CPP

The assertion by the Chairman of the failed ruling party , Peter Mac Manu that NPP will rule Ghana for 30 years finally confirms to all Ghanaians the arrogance and greed of the NPP, and another major reason why they must be voted out come the 2008 elections.

Reacting to Peter Mac Manu’s comments that the NPP government had delivered on its promises, Bright Oduro-Kwateng, a leading member of the CPP said the current energy crisis that is crippling businesses and damaging household appliances exposes the NPP as the most insincere, incompetent and corrupt party ever to rule Ghana.
Bright Oduro-Kwateng said the high incidence of youth unemployment and limited opportunity and availability of choices to them such as education bears the hallmark of NPP incompetence and lack of direction at the very top.
He said lack of work experience and combined with lack of education puts young people at a disadvantage. He explained that young people, especially the so called “street children” not only face social exclusion but are also vulnerable. He said many sleep rough, majority in kiosks or on shop fronts and work in survival-type economic activities, which reinforces young people’s perception of a bleak future under the NPP administration.
Mr Oduro-Kwateng, a trained economist, said investment in the youth is critical for supplying adequately skilled workers and reiterated that the CPP will invest in youth programs to ensure that every Ghanaian young person is given the opportunity to acquire skills. Oduro-Kwateng said the CPP will introduce apprenticeship-structured programmes that integrate theoretical learning with work experience. He added that this would involve partnership between the government, service providers and the private/public sectors.
Speaking at a packed press conference in London he rebuffed the NPP’s assertion that they are going into alliance with the CPP, he said young people were the most likely to become active as entrepreneurs if they receive skills training. He stated that the CPP will promote self employment and entrepreneurial skills by granting access to education, training, health and finance to enable young people to take advantage of the opportunities that the CPP will offer.
Commenting on the high incidence of crime in the country, Mr Oduro Kwateng said lack of job prospects and the likelihood of a destitute future for unemployed young people may contribute to socially deviant behaviour. Bright as he is commonly known said the situation in the country under the NPP government has reinforced the marginalisation of young people from the society and stated that this is very worrying.
On NPP assertion that they can hold all their seats in the Western and Central regions in 2008, Oduro Kwateng said their behaviour and the blatant show of wealth by the NPP party functionaries whilst neglecting working men and women will come back to hunt them. He said the good people of the 2 regions would vote massively for the CPP, because the CPP is a party with a track record and the only party that will address the needs of all Ghanaians.
Bright Oduro Kwateng said the CPP is a mass party and will contest every seat. He appealed to the Ghanaian people not to buy the lies being spread by the NPP and the NDC that the CPP is going into alliance with them. Bright said this shows how discredited the NPP and NDC are and said the sheer number of people fighting to become the NPP flag bearer for 2008 expose indiscipline, a lack of focus and sheer greed in their party.
CPP is the first party to explicitly explain how they intend to tackle youth poverty and unemployment in the country.
Mr Oduro Kwateng ended by appealing for all to rally to the CPP to help it put Ghana back on a firm track to sustainable development.