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NPP are intellectually bankrupt -CPP

Comment: Re: Yeah Yeah CPP Mouth Kwa!

State Protocol
2007-05-31 13:04:06
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Yeah Yeah CPP Mouth Kwa!

Dennis, I have news for you, we would go an organise many constituencies and then tell what we have done. Waht we offered since 1981?? Have you forgotten that in 1981 the party was overthrown and a military government ruled for 20 years until 1992, then they changed and went on to win till 2000. This gave them 28 years in power with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Then the NPP came into power. Do you think that the sentiments of the people are to be taken for granted?? They are beginning to realise what a lie it has been to have voted for a party. The pary, your party was all talk and no action. They can boast and use big words but have hardly lifted the lives of Ghanaians.

Now, it is your turn to tell me what your NPP have given Ghanaians??

Moral right?? Of course, even your General Secretary thinks he cannot lose and will run the country for 30 years, yes 30 years and that no Ghanaian has the moral right to throw them out. You have been well doctored. But there is an awakening, which has started and very soon, whether you like it or not, we will explode on the scene. This is what gets to you, I know, but it is unstoppable.

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05-31 10:10
Re: Yeah Yeah CPP Mouth Kwa!
State Protocol
05-31 13:04