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Politics of Monday, 5 September 2011

Source: NUAF

Why The CPP Must Choose Prof. Delle




The Nkrumahist Unity Agenda Forum is a youth movement whose prime
motive is to assist efforts aimed at unifying the Nkrumahists
fraternity especially the CPP. We believe that for the CPP to make an
impact in Ghanaian politics, unity is key. As a youth movement with
in-depth knowledge in the historical antecedence of the CPP, it comes
as a matter of surprise to us and to those who are very familiar with
the history of the CPP, that the party is now relegated to the fringes
of Ghanaian politics. The fundamental questions to which we must find
answers are: why has our party come to this sorry state? Why are we
unable to rescue this one time greatest political party in Africa from
a slow and painful demise? We must be mindful that our inability to
find lasting solutions to the above questions goes to confirm the
popular but erroneous statement that ‘Nkrumah is the CPP and the CPP
is Nkrumah’ which means that the party died the very day Nkrumah was
ousted from power.
In our view, we all have a role to play if indeed we are committed to
Nkrumahism. The time to act is now, for those who defer even before
evening what the morning can accomplish end up taking no steps toward
redeeming themselves from their poor and sad conditions. What the CPP
requires at this critical moment is a robust leadership with great
intellectual and ideological orientation capable of unifying our ranks
and bridging the gap created by the unending internal power struggle.
Only in this can we address the fundamental issues raised. Ghanaians
in general and the youth in particular deserve and demand much more
than what they see in the current state of the CPP. And we will be
failing them if all we do is sit down and bemoan this sorry state of
We had indicated in an earlier press release in May this year what we
see as the only way out of the current poor state of the party. Here
we wish to state again emphatically that the NUAF sees Prof. Dr.
Edmund N. Delle as the panacea to our unity crises. Prof. is the only
aspirant to the chair of the CPP who is not aligned to the camp of any
of the party’s presidential hopefuls. It is common knowledge that some
aspirants to the chair have had their neutrality compromised by virtue
of being aligned to one presidential hopeful or the other. This in
effect has incapacitated such chairmanship hopefuls as far as
prosecuting unity within the CPP is concerned. We are all witnesses to
how this issue of belonging to camps affected the political fortunes
of the NPP during election 2008 in this country. It is important
therefore that we do a critical analysis of events in retrospection
and don’t repeat dreadful mistakes that were committed by others.
Prof. Delle is one of the few Ghanaians who have demonstrated an
unflinching commitment and loyalty to the course of Nkrumahism. A man
who has been at the forefront of Nkrumahism as early as 1962 when he
served as the president of the young pioneers. Our current chairman,
Mr. Ladi Nylanda, as far as the records on the ground are concerned
has done very little towards revitalizing the party’s structures
especially at the grass root level. As for Samia, she has not even
been able to assert herself enough as the party’s only
parliamentarian. The publication on the performance of Ghanaian MPs by
Africawatch vindicates the above statement. We think that she does not
have the requisite experience and expertise to man the affairs of the
whole party at this point in time seeing she is struggling even with
just her own constituency.
Prof. Delle, having served as a chairman of the party from 2004 to
2007, brings on board a lot of experience, discipline and growth.
Under his leadership 72% of the constituencies had offices but as we
speak now there has been a significant reduction in the number of
constituencies with offices nationwide. Comrades, let us remember that
the ‘old general’ as we call him has even produced a blueprint that
will be used to address the numerous developmental challanges of the
We of the Nkrumahist Unity Agenda Forum (NUAF) therefore call on all
well meaning Nkrumahists and the delegates in particular, to join
hands in this quest of reversing the party’s fortunes by electing
Prof. Dr. Edmund N. Delle to the chair of the great CPP.
Long live the CPP! Long live Nkrumahism! Long live Ghana!
Issued and signed by:
Ibrahim Mustapha

John B. A. Agandin