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Politics of Monday, 11 July 2016

Source: Peace FM

I've already congratulated Nana Addo as President - Islamic Cleric

The 2016 presidential polls is yet to be conducted but an Islamic cleric, numerologist and philosopher has hinted who the winner will be.

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-una Jibril who is known globally for his accurate predictions on both local and international issues has noted that the NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is going to emerge as the winner in the upcoming elections.

In a statement copied to Sheikh Ustaz opined that he has already congratulated Nana Addo as Ghana’s president.

“I have already congratulate him [Nana Addo] in the Spiritual realm after the results were declared and even attended his Investiture,” he said after claiming to have “hacked” the Electoral Commission's Database ahead of the polls.

Read Below the ‘spiritual’ statement

It is undeniable fact that after every elections of any Country, Diplomats, Celebrities, Family members, party Sympathizers and so on, call the President elect to congratulate him/her for his /her victory and the party entirely.

Besides, I have already congratulate him in the Spiritual realm after the results were declared and even attended his Investiture.

However, I hacked Spiritual into the main Electoral Commission's Database ahead of 2016 General Elections and saw NPP with Nana Addo as the candidate having an unexpected margin of the total valid votes, hence the winner of 2016 /2017 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections even though the register is in the process of being compiled in the physically world.

I therefore want to enter my name in his white gold book as the first person on the planet to congratulate him and NPP as the winner's of 2016 General Election before any creature on the surface of the earth.

In the Spiritual world, he was sworn as the President of the Republic Ghana and gave the State of the Nation Address. He was in 'kente' gold colour when he was Addressing the Nation and the world at Bawku (Cinema Hall) attended by millions of people including foreign Diplomats.

It is left with his sister the Chief Justice Madam Georgina Wood to swear him in the physically world, I personally will not be at ceremony because I attended it in the spiritual realm. More so, just as I turned down a personal invitation to attend President Buhari Investiture in Abuja, it will thus be unfair to attend Nana Addo's Investiture.

To further give credence to my Spiritual prediction, on that special day there will be some shower for 9 minutes before the ceremony. And there will be light off in some parts of Madina and Tema for 2 hours. Also, there will be fire out break in parts of Kumasi.

These Spiritual prediction is grounded in Quran Chapter 85:v.19 - 22 which provides that 'And yet the unbelievers persist in rejecting the truth. But Allah doth encompass them from behind. Nay this is a Glorious Quran. Inscribed in the Tablet preserved'.

This is what Allah revealed to me, the rest is in the hands of Almighty Allah. I am just a humble servant, my prophecies, dreams and calculations is not final but Allah's decisions or words are final. I am subject to mistake as human but Insha Allah that's what is written.

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