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Politics of Friday, 5 August 2016


I fear being the best Veep Ghana’ll never have - PPP's Dzogbenuku

The running mate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) for the December 2016 elections, Brigitte Dzogbenuku says she fears she might be the best vice president Ghana will never have.

This, according to Ms Dzogbenuku was as a result of constant description of her flag bearer, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom as the best president Ghana will never have.

Speaking on Joy FM Friday, she said “…indeed I have heard that.”

Asked whether she feared that assertion will render her same, Ms Dzogbenuku replied “…it does. But we are going to be the best pair that Ghana will have.”

She said Ghanaians are so dejected by the mismanagement of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration leading to massive desperation for change.

“People want things done differently now” she indicated, asking “… And if there is somebody who is promising to bring on all these expertise from all over the place including people in the Diaspora and he does have the links with these people…why don’t we want that? Why don’t we want that difference?”

She said the Ghanaian economy as a result of entrenched party politics over the years has had to real stagnation.

Ms. Dzogbenuku, therefore, urged Ghanaians to “look at someone who is ready to bring inclusivity” and make things happen.

“When people say this is the president we will never have, you know that this is the president we ought to have [and] why are you stopping yourself just because you want to belong to the champion team. The champion team that will come and not do things right…will not move us forward. Let’s make it about Ghana. Let’s not make it about political parties,” she said passionately.

Answering a question on her readiness for the excruciating campaigning which involves several travels, Ms. Dzogbenuku said she just cannot wait to start with the line “I’m here to make a difference.”

Ms Dzogbenuku, who is the 1991 Miss Ghana winner said Thursday after her unveiling that she was absolutely fit for the job.

Addressing the party, Ms Dzogbenuku took a cue from the current British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying “…I’m a Ghanaian and I think I’m the best person to hold this position,” to the delight of the teeming PPP members.

She told the PPP members that her flag bearer is the only person who can solve Ghana’s economic woes, and that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) must be rejected in this year’s elections.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nduom said that Ghana’s problems are beyond President Mahama with a prediction that the 2016 elections will go into a runoff, where he will be part of the top two.

“Absolutely, [the elections] will go into a second round. I am sure that if we get our things right there will be three pots and we will figure out at the end which three would move up.

“The NDC doesn’t have the good will to win...the NPP is also not as strongly organized to be able to say we are going to go and do our one shot deal, we know we have to grow, we know we have to work so we are working so we can compete,” Dr. Nduom noted.