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Politics of Saturday, 7 May 2016

Source: Kazenang-Issah, Wahid. A

Former Nadowli DCE In The Upper West Region Sabotages His Own Party.

The presidential and parliamentary elections are drawing very near and come November 7th 2016 Ghana will be going to the polls to elect their representatives both at the parliamentary and presidential levels to steer the affairs of their lovely country and no one candidate is leaving anything to chance in this regard. But the story is very different in the newly created Dafiama-Busie-Isa constituency as the immediate past District Chief Executive of Nadowli, which until now comprised of the two districts of Nadowli/Kaleo and Dafiama Busie Isa, Honorable Abu Kabiebata Kasangabata, is busy putting spokes in the wheels of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) the party he claims to be his first love.

Since the former DCE lost the primaries in last year’s primaries organized by the NDC in the DBI constituency the former DCE has left no stone unturned in his desperate attempt to ensure that the NDC does not retake the seat in the impending November parliamentary elections. Immediately he lost the primaries he organized some thugs from the constituency to call for nothing short of re-run of the primaries through press conferences but all those who have been part of the process know that he was soundly beaten by the main contender in the person of Dr Sandare who is a medical doctor by training. And so for him press conferences will be the trick he using by using people who hardly know what the entire electoral process is all about. The results of the primaries say it all. Mr. Mathias Puozaa retires as MP for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, giving way to four other candidates, namely; Mr. Abu Kabiebata Kansangbata, former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister; Dr. Sebastian Sandaare, Lawra District Director of Health Services, and Lt. Col. Bathuure Walter (rtd) as well as Mr. Michael Kombor. All these gentlemen are going about their business without any let or hindrance. While the former Nadowli DCE had 2,214 votes, current parliamentary candidate garnered 2,657 votes. This speaks for itself.Abi I lie?
The former Nadowli DCE now resorts to intrigues and underhand dealing to destroy the very party that made him what he is today. Today because he claims he has money which he publicly flaunts about he has no respect for party structures and its officials. He feels daring enough to run down the NDC party. This is a guy who left school and just after National Service was appointed as DCE and within a span of eight years he openly tells people that he has acquired enough and until death he would never be poor in his life again. He says that he has five houses in Wa, the Upper West Regional capital and an eight bedroom hotel by name Grand Hyatt hotel situated in Wa. He goes on to say that he has acquired plots of land in Tamale in the Northern Region and that he is putting up schools from crèche to senior high school. Such is the nature of the man who with a very humble beginning now goes about telling people what he has as an individual in his bold attempt to destroy the NDC.

He exhibits arrogance and s
ays that he has bought all the chiefs of the area and that how the NDC will take the seat in the Dafiama-Busie-Isa constituency will be a mirage until death takes him away. The leadership of the party has tried a number of times without success to bring him on board the campaign team of the parliamentary candidate both at the constituency and at the regional party levels all have proven futile since he has been dodging them each time they organized such overtures to extend an olive branch to him. Several attempts by the party to heal all old wounds prior to the elections the former DCE has remained very elusive and dodgy and will not entertain any reconciliatory moves.
The Dafiama-Busie –Isa constituency is the ‘bonafide’ property of the NDC and the NPP have over the years proven never to be a match for the NDC and they have constantly fielded lawyers who have always met their waterloo as the NDC has been defeating them. The former DCE has sought now to create the impression that he is of a better candidate more than the chosen candidate and shows disrespect to the will of the people and so what he is doing is nothing but to ensure that the NDC loses the seat to the NPP to satisfy his selfish interest.
Not long ago the former DCE gained much currency on the social media (facebook) that he is going to stand as an independent candidate. He has not come out to deny this assertion and he has rather adopted a ‘wait and see attitude’ and all are sitting on tenterhooks with the maverick behavior of the onetime DCE of the area in this case Nadowli area and now a threat to the survival of the party that made him what he is today.
The latest about the former DCE is that he has succeeded in instigating some thugs in the Isa area of the constituency, for that is where he hails from, and they have placed a kind of ‘fatwa’ (embargo) in the area as all NDC billboards and logos are being destroyed. In fact the bill board of the parliamentary candidate including that of the leader of the party have been destroyed times without number with the influence of the former DCE.
The former DCE did a similar thing to the Majority leader and Member of Parliament for Nadowli/Kaleo, in the run up to the 2012 general elections in an attempt to run him down. The Majority leader gave him packets of several roofing sheets to help some needy people in the constituency when he was the DCE.He diverted the entire roofing sheets to Wa and gave it to cronies and used some to create NDC sheds putting his name on them in order to gain cheap popularity. When the Majority leader called for accountability he run aground only to surface with some elders to ask for forgiveness. Such is the nature of the man we are dealing with!!!
He is in bed with the NPP candidate one Mr Charles Luanga and they have been seen at in dark corners mapping out strategies to ensure that the NDC does not win the seat which at the moment is in the firm grip of the ruling party.
For those who do not know the former DCE, in the year 2008, at Upland Hotel in Wa in the Upper West Region he almost joined the NPP for reasons best known to him and therefore one would not be surprised that after losing the NDC primaries last year he would not join forces with the NPP to take away the seat from the ‘legitimate’ owners in this case the NDC.
We the youth and particularly supporters of the NDC in the Dafiama-Busie-Isa constituency would want to send a note of caution to the former DCE; he either joins forces with the NDC in ensuring that the seat is maintained or he will have himself to blame. This publication is meant to draw his attention to the fact that all his antics and political intrigues are well known to the good people of the constituency and we shall not relent to maintain the seat. He either joins the wining team or we will expose all his shady deals.
After all when he mentions his fixed assets none can be found in the constituency where he superintended for eight years. When the president His Excellency John Dramani Mahama reshuffled him as a deputy regional minister, he boycotted the NDC and the ruling government and found a new haven in Tamale where he is currently enjoying his ‘loot’. He only comes home to go round to spoil all the gains made by the NDC in the constituency as he works directly for the interest of the NPP candidate in the constituency.
Our last word for the former DCE is that if he cannot help the NDC in the Dafiama Busie Isa constituency he should stay aloof and allow the NDC to retain the seat and not attempt to put spokes in the NDC’s wheels in the constituency.

Wahid. A Kazenang-Issah
P.O.Box DBI 47
Issa. Upper West Region