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Politics of Thursday, 5 January 2012

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Evalue-Gwira NDC Troubles

* PartyExecutives calls for

Some Executive Members
of the Evalue-Gwira branch of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in
the Western region have responded to the recent attempted demonstration plot
which backfired by some perceived frustrated elements of the party who called
themselves as ‘Concern Citizens of Evalue’ as irresponsible and unwarranted.

The group was warned to desist from engaging in similar acts that would tarnish
the image and chances of the party in future and urged them to rally behind the
party and its parliamentary candidate to wrestle and win the seat from the
incumbent MP come December.

The attempted move was meant to call for the dismissal of the MCE for the
area, Rev James Ackah Cobbinah by the president for allegedly underperforming
and engaging in fraudulent deeds.

Some key party executives and die-hard supporters of the party from the
Evalue-Gwira constituency of the NDC said this in a press release that was jointly
signed last week.

Signatories to the release were made up of the Vice Chairman;Sanzah Erzah,Youth
Organizer; Wonderful F Bondzie, Propaganda Secretary, Women Organizer, Rebecca
Moroas well as the Constituency OrganiserNapoleon Cobbinahrespective mentioned that
the attempted demonstration was meant to
satisfy the personal egos of the leaders who are all members of the party.

According to the executives, those who were alleged to have been involved
in the said awkward move were self-seeking party foot soldiers and needed not
to be taken seriously by Ghanaians.

They debunked those allegations meted against the MCE and the
Parliamentary hopeful Mr. Kaku Tanikyi as trading on division among members of
the party as mere false and a ploy to outweigh the hard work and achievements
chalked by the MCE since his assumption in office.

They argued that that group made up of some frustrated members who due to
their love for money turn against anyone who might not be on their side.

They called for calm in the party and warned those who are fomenting
troubles in the party to refrain from such irresponsible acts since it would go
against them in the 2012 general polls.

The Constituency Youth
organizer, Wonderful Bondzie, in a telephone interview with this reporter last
Sunday said that the group which call
themselves as ‘Concern Citizens of Evalue’ are nothing but saboteurs to the NDC
who go around in their quest to satisfy their bellicose agenda after their
shameful and dubious deeds turns to muddy the waters; and it is time this acts
of theirs stop, since we will not tolerate their evil plans this time as it
happened in 2008 which led to the defeat of our own candidate.
“Those men and women instead of rallying behind the party and its newly
elected parliamentary candidate because of their stomach and selfish gains
would do all in their capacity to destabilize the peace and harmony in the
party”. He warned.

Below is the unedited text of the release:


It has come to the
notice of we the Executives and members of the Evalue –Gwira Constituency
office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and do hereby react to the
said attempt which we see it as an illegal coup which was meant to oust the
President’s appointee (MCE) few days ago; in fact the move by these
self-seeking and opportunistic elements of the NDC who claimed to be leaders of
a group named ‘Concern Citizens of Axim’ as unwarranted and a deliberate ploy
to dent the party’s chances of winning the parliamentary seat ahead of the 2012
polls as well as satisfy their evil goals.
Indeed, we wish to
announce that the said group members are nothing but ‘opportunistic dinosaurs’
that are only driven by their stomach to the detriment of the NDC in the area.
We also wish to bring to
the notice of the entire nation that all the allegations which were meted and
circulated by some section of the media are false and lack no merits and would
therefore urge all to threat the message conveyed by the group as despicable
and premature.
These gang leaders who
spearheaded the planned demonstration are all members of our party but due to
their self and greedy motives are doing all in their capacity to foment trouble
to destabilize the hardwearing credibility that the party is getting in the
area through the efforts and dedication that Hon. Rev. James Ackah Cobbinah has
exhibited since his appointment.
It could be recalled
that these so-called demonstration leaders were the same agents who facilitated
in the lost of the 2008 parliamentary candidate due to their love for money and
would want to replicate it this time and would want assure them that their
plans would not be materialized since the party as it stand is well united and
would be allowed to be stampede by a few ‘greedy bustards’ in the area.
It is time Ghanaians
especially the good people of Evalue-Gwira avoid such ingrates whose job is to
cause havoc that go the long way to hinder the progress of the Municipality and
rather should hail and encourage those who champion the better course of the
area in terms of massive development.
Although we as
Executives do not have a copy of the purported allegations by the so- called
‘CONCERN CITIZENS OF EVALUE’however we have eavesdropped some of the
allegations and would want to react to them accordingly
1. Non-cordiality
with the party faithful: It is with shock to hear the utterances from the
so-called concern citizens of Evalue. Thanks to the MCE, the party would have
collapsed financially. He personally finance all party programmes including the
recent primaries. Any diabolical group with egoistic interest should not be
entertained. His human relationship with the party faithful is superb’
2. Landing Beach
Account: The Landing beach Committee is responsible for all pre-mix
activities from the distribution of fuel to committee financial to community
development financing. The committee renders accounts to the community and not
to the MCE as alleged by the group.
We also wish to state
categorically that the MCE is not the custodian of monies accrued from the
landing beach committee. We dare the concern citizens of Evalue to a copy of
the complaint made to the MCE about pre-mix which he did not react to.
3. Alleged Insolence
to Awulae Attibrukusu (III), the paramount chief of Axim Traditional Area: We are so
sorry that the said group has no regard for tradition. If they are
grinding axe with the MCE, then they should rope in that respectful and sacred
traditional authority. There are five (5) Paramount Chiefs in the Municipality;
how can he respect the four and disrespect him alone, how? We dare them to
substantiate the blatant allegation.
4. Evalue-Gwira
Ajomoro Constituency Primaries: We can beat our chest out that the concern
citizens of Evalue are Amihere campaign team who are hidden camouflage. After
all, only one of the two candidates that contested for the primaries should get
the nod. If Mr. Kweku Tanikyi Kessie has gotten it, then it is only wise for
all within the party throw in their support for him. We charge true NDC
faithful to envisage that if it had been vice-versa how would their feelings
be? No one should try to be a villain to the NDC. We are all focused and our
target is the Constituency Parliamentary seat ahead of the 2012 general polls.
We further caution every
party faithful to be careful about those diabolic financiers, whose stock trade
in life is to see to it that all things in the world go to their side.
Conclusion: We are resolved that all quarters must give the MCE a free hand to
win the parliamentary seat for the NDC and not to tie his hand behind him
Situation Report on the
intended demonstration:
We as an Executive body were not consulted on the Nicodamus investigation by
the Regional Chairman. We are so shocked by the team that he went round with.
If negative report was presented, then we asked ourselves, how a referee can be
a player and a referee at the same time.
Once again we resolve
and declare our unflinching support for the Municipal Chief Executive of the
Nzame Assembly, Hon Rev James Ackah Cobbinah for the able and matured manner he
is handling the municipality’.

1. Vice-chairman: Sanzah
Erzah 0246604593
2. Secretary: Anthony
Atsu Demor 0242754041
3. Youth organizer:
Wonderful F Bondzie 0241181412
4. Organiser: Napoleon
Cobbinah 0240871491
5. Women organizer:
Rebecca Moro 0247972258
6. Propaganda secretary:
Charles Enu Kwesi 0244429866
7. Treasurer: Alfred E
Armah 0243525401
8. Deputy youth organizer:
Ibrahim Du-Bois AIdoo 0274960683
9. Deputy prop
secretary: Wahabu Dinko 0542421480
10. Deputy Organiser:
Karim Abdulai 0274646013

Copted members
11. Cosmos Maccarthy
12. Angelina Kwofie
13. Raymond Kinnah
14. Yakubu Laitah
15. Donkor Samuel